Thank you for our KPBX Kids' Concert, Summer Songs

Aug 17, 2020

Spokane Public Radio would like to thank everyone involved in the broadcast of the recent “Sumer Songs” KPBX Kids’ Concert with Linda Parman and Steve Simmons. You can hear the whole concert through the post below.


Thanks to:


  • Our Performers:  Linda Parman and Steve Simmons. 


•       Event donors: Numerica Credit Union; Harvard Park Children’s Learning Center, North; and Rocket Bakeries, with a grant from the Johnston-Fix Foundation.  


•     Spokane Public Radio members and Verne Windham, Chris Maccini, Leona Vander Molen, Stephanie Ingoldby, Peter Glarborg, Kathy Sackett, and other SPR staff.  



The KPBX Kids’ Concerts return in November with a program about the evolution of keyboard instruments in America and music historically performed for guests called, “Parlor Music,” hosted by Jim Tevenan. Keep listening for more information!