Tight Race For Spokane Commissioner Favors French, Johnson

Aug 6, 2014

The race for Spokane County Commissioner is just about as close as it gets. At last count (pre-5:00pm), Incumbent Al French has 36.2 percent of the vote, and newcomer Mary Lou Johnson has 36.5. Bonnie Mager only won 27 percent of the vote, even considering her experience as a past commissioner and her clear opposition to controversial urban growth decisions.
Johnson, a Democrat, says she takes the voters’ trust in her as a big responsibility. She says there are significant contrasts between her and French, a GOP candidate.
Johnson: “I’m looking forward to the campaign to even develop those further, in terms of our background, our problem solving approaches, and some of the issues that voters are telling me are very important. The urban growth expansion issues, a smarter criminal justice system.”
This commissioner position represents district three, the western and southwestern section of the county.
Bonnie Mager affiliated with the Democratic Party when she was elected commissioner in 2006, but ran as an independent this year. She did not receive enough votes to advance out of the primary.
If Johnson ultimately wins this race, she will be the lone democrat among commissioners and the only one since Mager.

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