Voting To Open For Finalist For New City Flag

Mar 1, 2021

The City of Spokane is on the cusp of choosing a new flag. Pictured is the old city of Spokane Flag, which has represented the city since the 1970s.
Credit Rebecca White/SPR

Spokane’s city Flag Commission says it has picked a dozen finalists for a new city flag. They were chosen from 400 citizen submissions.


The commission says it and the city library system will soon open an online portal where residents can see and rank the finalists. The voting will open during the first week of April and remain open for a month.

The commission said you’ll need a Spokane Library card to cast a vote. That’s available for free to both city and Spokane County residents. You can go to the Spokane city library website to register if you don’t already have a card.  


The winning flag will replace the current version, which was adopted in 1977.