Walk Through the Plans for Fire Station No. 3

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This digital walkthrough showcases SPR's plans for the historic Fire Station No. 3 at 1229 N. Monroe Street in Spokane.

SPR lobby looking back towards the front entrance (right), a hallway to offices, and a ceiling spot for the North brass pole.
Credit SPR January 2015

Entering the main door at the northeast corner of the building, we turn right into the lobby. Flanking a sitting area are the two main brass fire poles which are being restored. On the far side of the lobby is a windowed radio studio -- soon to be home to KSFC 91.9 FM. The digital depiction can't show the microphones and sound equipment, but it does show the table and chairs which can play host to Movies 101 and other roundtable programs on the air.

The news bullpen on the left, and down the hallway to the Performance Studio.
Credit SPR January 2015

Heading down the corridor, we see the news bullpen to the left. (as the photo at right shows, the bullpen is enclosed with a wall to help the reporters focus while working on the local news we all depend on.)  We only have a quick glance at the hallway which leads to additional programming and production areas, as well as bathrooms.

Going through the doorway that connects the two halves of the building, we open up to the showcase room of the new station, the Performance Studio. Flexible seating allows this room to be utilized for live performances (such as the annual MusicFest and Holy Names Piano Camp) and other needs (such as our necessary pledge drives).

To the immediate left of the Performance Studio entrance is the KPBX studio, with a window that allows a board operator to view the larger room outside. (There is also a separate studio control room at the rear of the Performance Studio, complete with video control capability.) The windowed room looks rather empty, but just wait until it has all of its sound and broadcast equipment inside!

Next to the KPBX studio is a floor-to-ceiling music CD library with a ladder to reach the higher shelving. The double doors of this room allow the station's grand piano to be stored here when not needed in the Performance Studio.

The 'camera' pulls back to let us see the audience area of the Performance Studio, then fades into another scene. We are leaving the lobby, while looking down another corridor where additional programming offices are located (and the elevator, behind that wall). If we were to turn around, we would leave the building the same way we came in. Instead, we go up the stairs towards the financial offices of SPR. First seen are the Underwriting Representative offices, with the Underwriting and Events coordinator in the office on the right of the corridor.

These historic fireman lockers will now store items for community producers and volunteers.
Credit SPR January 2015

Walking up a ramp, we pass a row of white wooden lockers built in to the wall. These are the original firemen's lockers, where they stored everything from their boots and fire suits to their bedding. These are one of the original features that is being kept, although the interiors are being repurposed for storing vinyl recordings.

The ramp is necessary for ADA accessibility, and exists because this is where the two parts of the building, built separately, were joined sometime in the 1930s.  At the top of the ramp, we are upstairs from the Performance Studio.

To the left is the General Manager's office, forward is a conference room which doubles as the Performance Studio's green room (a place for performers to warm up and prepare for going on stage). The tables and chairs outside that windowed green room is a volunteer work area. On the far wall is another floor-to-ceiling CD music library, but with a window to see into the KPBZ studio.

Crossing back into the front section of the building, the 'camera' stays high to give a peek into work areas for Event and Web staff, plus the Spokane Teachers Credit Union Intern/Community Production Area. On the right are also more firemen lockers to be used as storage and archives.

After passing the Marketing office, the room opens up to the copier and print work area, with a seating area beyond between the Wyncote Foundation and Dodson's Jewelers Fire Poles. This side of the room will be for Membership and Business, with the CFO office in the corner.

Many of these areas are also Named Gift Opportunities. To have your business, group, or family name attached to portions of this building, please contact Cary Boyce, Linda Stowe, or Kathy Sackett.

Construction photos are current as of Jan. 22, 2015.