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Season 3, Episode 11: The Family Bra Drawer

Who knows what mysteries lurk in the Family Bra Drawer? Well, just bras, actually, and for the whole family! And so we start with an Old Man Boxing bout between two eternally running Presidential Candidates from the 1950s and 1960s—Harold Stassen and Estes Kefauver. Who hasn’t missed these guys, am I right? Next, more Life Lessons with Oswald Spellman, who wonders whether an unwitnessed crime is still a crime. Let Fate decide? After that we hear from Dick Digwood and his Infinite Chain of Cars! How does he do it? It’s incredible, that’s how! But that’s not all. Dick is followed by two (2!) segments of Amber Westlake, Stockbroker on the Skids. Yes, the police are still involved. Also, goats! Finally, the exciting new show everyone’s refusing to talk about: Underpaid British Authors. Why the silence? Listen and see…

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