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Season 5, Episode 2: Remembering Season Four

For this episode we look back once more on the glory that was Season 4, and then we change the subject, fearing that the rest of the episode won’t measure up to that glory.  Our first segment is another “Unsatisfactory TED Talk,” featuring the “One Wheel” philosophy of the unicycle-riding “Sister Fire Duck Blossom.” As TED talks go, this one is very bad.  Next, we return to the adventures of Dan Blanche, the longest-serving adjunct writing instructor at Lower Heights Community College.  This time, his students show him even fresher and more enterprising forms of disrespect. After that, we hear from a new sponsor, The New America College of Domestic Service. To help share the wealth in the New America, this college teaches courses in boot-polishing, upstairs maidery, and bed-warming. If coal mining jobs aren’t coming back, at least jobs in domestic service are.  Last, we have a visit from Dr. Orville Preacher, On Your Healthiness, with a new bout of on-air quackery.  If nothing’s wrong with you before this segment, there will be afterwards.

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