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Season 5, Episode 10: Break the Mike!

As Tony and Kevin run like shackled fugitives through Season 5, they break the mic with this episode. Luckily they have a spare, however, so that they can bring you the following audio treasures.  First, Didier Vendange, Disgruntled Belgian Talk Radio host, takes to the streets of Cincinnati, USA, to broadcast from a studio van reinforced with Belgian steel. Because this is the New America, guns are involved, of course.  After that, Kevin and Tony once again try to unclog the spam filter and receive a handsome offer from a man named “Mrs. Christina Williams Johnson, from France.”  We think you’ll be puzzled, too.  Then you’ll hear the return of Grimn and Gorley, Interdimensional Victorian Transtemporal Werewolf  Hunters. Nothing is as it seems, yet it seems like nothing.  Finally, we have an extended segment celebrating the heroic feats of the Icelandic Rescue Rangers, who struggle to bring socialist enlightenment to the scruffy backwoods of the New America. It’s not what you expect—and more!

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