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Season 5, Episode 18: That’s So Adorable I Could Scream!

Kevin and Tony discuss the categories into which things should be sorted that are so adorable we could scream. We’re not talking about the adorability intrinsically tied into screaming: that is, animatronic dolls that people swarm over each other to buy on Black Friday. We’re more talking about underwear on the floor for days. We do eventually get around to airing segments: Erin Maxwell, Rogue Podiatrist invades Reggie Forge’s Ethics Lite™ Women’s Empowerment Seminar to look for foot-bending shoes. In a Philosopher’s Corner, a conceptual implosion occurs in Queequeg’s coffee shop, with obvious results. Our sponsor, New America Security Squad, helps you distinguish between neighbors who are acceptable and those whose levels of skin melanin make them suspicious. Finally, we venture into medieval Belgian drama with Game of Walloons—there will be cheese!

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