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Season 5, Episode 20: RTF! Pt 1, Ch 4B

Report on recent mission of the crew of USF Rocket Vanguard//By Phil the Used Android//The Earth Space Force Rocket Vanguard had been utterly destroyed by a miscalculation of the ship’s used android, Phil//ERROR//…destroyed by a miscalculation of Pip the stowaway street urchin//CORRECTION…Explosion was only overloading of delivery mechanism for Lt. Schickelgruber’s space morphine//ASIDE: Those burns look bad!//REPORT//Dateline: Surface of the Martian moon Phobos, sometime in early 1990s//Cadet Cindy and Commander Train have a SNOG to hold off an army of angered Martians led by Cadet Billy//…led by Cadet Billy, Warlord of Mars!!//Ensign Zinn is captured by the enemy//Captain Major breaks out of his space-gin-induced catalepsy to rescue Pip the stowaway//INTERROGATIVE: How will this all end?//

//Pay attention to the episode radio-subtitles!//END

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