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Season 6, Episode 25: Mystery Fish Made Me Sick

  In this, the second in the partly well regarded Fish trilogy so recently almost nominated for an award, Tony may (or may not) have recovered from the one thousand fish sandwiches unwisely transported to his stomach as the result of an ill-thought-out wish by Kevin, who was too easily gulled by the promises of the Magic Fish and former 1940s radio host, Manly Druthers. Kevin makes yet another bad choice of wishes, and we learn more about what back-alley brawls were like in the 1940s.

While you wait to learn more about these traumatic events at the Men in Charge Studies, be enchanted by the following segments: In “Dedicated Surfing Zone Syndicate,” a young couple at the beach are mildly threatened by two three-pieced thugs trying to drive them from Mr. Capoblanco’s Dedicated Surfing Zone. Next, we drop in on a new sponsor, “Ken Jennings Altercation Station.” Do you need to fight someone, legally, and just because? Of course you do, and Ken Jennings has just the unsavory enclosure for you! Finally, we catch up on the deteriorating “Johnny Hambone, Library Bouncer,” now in jail for a conference contretemps, where he meets his scary new female cellmate, Big Nell.


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