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Season 7, Episode 1: Lonely, Naked, and Afraid

Having given up on cigar-smoking as a masculine signifier, Kevin and Tony burst back into the studio with the long-awaited new season (7). As the title of this first episode suggests, all is not well in the mythical land of manhood. First up is “Theo Carbondale, Atheist National Guardsman,” in which a recruit named Squeak learns why God hasn’t yet granted him any chest hair. Next comes “Ken Jennings’ Tricks and Pranks.” The Jeopardy champion, now 102, sells his roguery in the form of expensive pranks that are generally at the prankster’s expense. Thirdly up is another story of atheism gone wild in Lower Heights, "Atheist Coven," but Sergeant Coors is on patrol to fathom its philosophical and ontological shallows. Finally there’s a return to the radio vengeance of Nicholas Rowe, star of Young Sherlock Holmes back in 1985, who tries once again to find out 1) why there was no Young Sherlock Holmes II, and 2) who’s still around to punish for that affront to his career.

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