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Season 7, Episode 3: CHAOS 6 (Your Source for Hideous Transformations)

This CHAOS space adventure takes Anders Lurkawhile and his moderately attentive crew—Spurious Jack Fowler, Declan McPogge, and Enid Hackney Grubbe (the 15th woman in space!)--on a perilous spaceflight! But oh, what horrors await them in space! And what horrors do our heroes bring back with them? And why can’t any of these sentences end with a mere period?

Will this be a job for Sky-High Man and his handler, Lester Bellamy, Underappreciated Adolescent? (Perhaps…) Fortunately, the media (Chip Robutussin and Jamie Summers) will be on hand to fill in the story gaps that only radio can create.

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