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Season 7, Episode 6: Seven Uses for Lint

As this episode opens, Kevin is caught snacking poorly and is rightly upbraided for that lapse, and seven uses for lint are identified by guest banterers from the cast. With lint behind us, the show moves on to “The Hop on, Hop off, Paddywagon”: our favorite unemployed Mafia thugs, Aidan and Largo, are forced to enjoy canned announcements from tour guides as they’re hauled off to Lower Heights’ jail. Next, we hear from a new sponsor, “Family Dentistry—with Timmy!” The whole family gathers around to see little Timmy offer to floss the patients and rinse out syringes! After that, Tony and Kevin interview two octopuses, who show vacation slides and do not like Kevin At All. The episode closes with another product by Ken Jennings, the “Flexi-Mower.” It’s all Gore-Tex®, which means you can leave it out in the rain and fold it up to mow in those hard-to-reach places.  

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