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Season 7, Episode 9: The Case Against Arson

Advised by many of their most desperate listeners, Tony and Kevin try to figure out what the legal and moral case against arson might be. Urban slang, recent history and the universal desire not to get one's delicate fingers singed are all taken into account. Reluctantly turning to this episodes sketches, our nearly-diligent hosts first introduce another Bad Ted Talk. Annamarie Summonghoul, a lady pastor at the Third Reformed Church of Mira Sorvino, wants you to live your best life today. We know you've never heard that speech before, so we're glad you're getting it here. How does Schrödinger's Cat figure in living your best life? Listen and find out. Then it's a message from Vichy America Laboratories and their new suite of home invasion products, "Midnight Raider": your neighbor's shiny things could soon be yours! Then Kevin and Tony interview Godfrey Dweebly, CEO and Curator of the Dweebly Fabrics of Significance Collection in "Let's Look at Fabrics!" Hilarity ensues. To end on a commercial note, we present Vichy Brand Corsets, the number one choice of contemporary big & tall Americans to reign in their bloat.

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