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0000017b-f971-ddf0-a17b-fd73f43d0000Statement of Purpose:Spokane Public Radio is a community-focused organization, and we believe it’s important to include voices from the community in our coverage of important topics that affect our region.“My Story” is a new initiative that invites listeners to submit video or audio clips sharing their personal experiences. All clips that meet our guidelines will be posted here to help spark conversations with our neighbors. Submissions will be identified by first name or left anonymous if the submitter prefers. Select clips will be edited for broadcast on air and posted on SPR’s social media pages. Our hope is that “My Story” can be a constructive forum for learning about the perspectives of people in our community.Guidelines:Share your own experience. We’re more interested in personal experience and opinion than social commentary. Tell a story about something that’s happened to you related to the topic before offering prescriptions on what you believe others should do. Each submission should start with the phrase “My story about [topic] is . . . ” Write it out and be brief. Clips should be a maximum of 2 minutes in length. We strongly recommend that you write out your comments ahead of time. 300 words is a good estimate for a 2 minute clip. Keep it civil. Some of these topics will inspire passionate debate. But My Story is not a place for name-calling, profanity, or hyperbole.

Sheri - My Story

This story was submitted by a listener named Sheri in July 2020 when the topic was "The Police."

I get my computer access at the public libraries, which are closed, due to the coronavirus. I’m a 71-year-old, white female. I don’t like cops and try to avoid them. I’ve had bad experiences. My dad grew up in Clearwater Co., Idaho. As a small kid, he was bullied by a tough boy. That bully became the country sheriff. My Idaho relatives refer to members of “law enforcement as “big boys.” My redheaded grandma would say, “They must need new uniforms,” when she saw someone pulled over for a traffic infraction. I think cops are a necessary evil, but often do more harm than good for society. Too many become part of a “good old boys” club.