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Season 9, Episode 19: What if He's a Little Drunk?

In what’s perhaps the strangest banter in nine seasons of Men in Charge, Kevin and Tony discuss the delicate shades of meaning in the question, “What if he’s a little drunk?” and then, unaccountably, wander into the woods for the distinction between “tenterhooks” (correct) and “tender hooks” (laughably incorrect). Most disturbing of all, Kevin tells us about his recent interview on a celebrated podcast but refuses to tell us which podcast. As for the segments, we first learn about “Darcy Lombard: Paranoid Realtor,” who sells concrete bunkers, where you can store your weapons, body armor, and Viking helmets for your next insurrection. Next, there’s a commercial for “Men in Charge Swag,” stuff that you can buy as a way to cut down on your savings. Finally, in a new “What’s New with You?: I Care, with Ears,” Roger Basement interviews a man whose call-in show answers listeners’ relationship questions with sports and truck references that are not even tangentially related to the questions. He’s not even a little drunk!  

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