Men in Charge

  • Hosted by Tony Flinn, Kevin Decker

“Men in Charge" is an uncertainly ironic sketch comedy show, written and performed by Kevin Decker and Tony Flinn, along with a cast of the talented willing.

Chapter 10 takes its succession number seriously, following upon Chapter 9 almost too closely. On Phobos and Deimos respectively, the abandoned Eugene 2000 and Lt. Schickelgruber argue about which one of them is the more marooned. Then, in a dusty Martian diner, Commander Train, with and Ensign Zinn debate with Sammy Kahlua (Martian wet nurse) about the treacheries of ethics and cuisine in a tug of war over a duffel bag full of doomsday weapons. Finally, on board a stolen landing craft, Cadet Trepanier, ex-Ensign Nemesis, and Lt. jg.

At long last, we now return to the unprofessional antics of the Earth Space Force in the futuristic future: 1992, when the rocket ship Vanguard travels to Mars to put down a Martian rebellion against Earth’s noble empire. As we catch up with the crew, Commander Train and Ensign Zinn, forced to hitchhike on the Red Planet, are picked up by—you guessed it—a Martian wet nurse named Sammy Kahlua. Meanwhile, Lt. jg. Averill Chesterfield III is marooned on Phobos with the spiteful robot Eugene 2000, trapped in a shallow chasm and menaced by fanged chasm creatures!

Season 9, Episode 24: If You Don't Like it, Storm the Capitol!

Apr 25, 2021

In this episode, Tony and Kevin explain why it’s so important to storm the Capitol if you object to, well, to Reality. Petulance fueled by hallucination can be the New Patriotism if we’re willing to be idiots. Moving to the episode’s sketches, in “Unclogging the Spam Filter 14,” we delve deep into Kevin’s past to find out why his mother had to abandon him when he didn’t past a swimming test. Next, in “What’s New with You?” Roger Basement interviews a man who dabbles in Child Psychology—to no avail—what we might have learned from the pandemic.

Season 9, Episode 23: Another 50¢ Down the Drain!

Apr 18, 2021

In this episode, Kevin and Tony examine what happens when you drop two or more American quarters down into a storm sewer, or worse, into Canadian parking meters.  In the former case, you can always climb down into the sewer to recover them, but in the latter, your coins are lost forever: hoarded by Canadians to fund Socialism and thus impose health care and other services that in America would be considered antithetical to freedom.  So, stay out of Canada, and attend to today’s segments.

You might mistake this for a conclusion of Chronicles of the Schmalkaldic League 3, and if you made that mistake, you'd actually be right. What is the "Revelation of the Huzhon Frisee," who is Baron Keith Random and why does he look so good in board shorts? Find out who gets macerated and who is spared in this startling conclusion!

Chronicles of the Schmalkaldic League 3&4: Omnibus Edition

Apr 11, 2021

The most interesting book ever to come out of Johanna Gutenberg's print shop in Heidelberg was the Complutensian Bible--a living, walking, hard candy-hating book of sacred scripture. Agents of Holy Roman Emperor Charles V immediately target the Bible for their own, chasing it to the demilitarized zone of the Hungarian plain where the fierce and intelligent cabbages called the Huzhon Frisee live.

In an episode notable perhaps only for the length of its title, Men in Charge take you back into the "Habsburg-punk" era of the Schmalkaldic League, 16th century Europe's last, best hope against the machinations of the Emperor Charles V. This episode, "Genesis of the Complutensian Bible," introduces a walking, talking book of holy scripture, a miniaturized inventor of the European printing press, King Gustavus Vasa's invention, "the Macerator," and intelligent, hungry vegetables--the Huzhon Frisee!

Season 9, Episode 20: A Lot of Big Boy Thinking!

Mar 28, 2021

A lot of Big Boy thinking went into this episode, one in which the title is actually relevant to its contents. What is “Big Boy” thinking? It’s the kind of unaccustomed exertion that stretches men’s minds, perhaps for the first time, all the way outside of their private circumstances to truly examine the State of Things. So, Alden and Largo, underemployed Mafia Goons, are prominently featured in this episode. First, they cross the street to force “Spunky McBeef’s Pizza Arcade” out of business. Alas, their Big Boy thinking come all too late.

Season 9, Episode 19: What if He's a Little Drunk?

Mar 21, 2021

In what’s perhaps the strangest banter in nine seasons of Men in Charge, Kevin and Tony discuss the delicate shades of meaning in the question, “What if he’s a little drunk?” and then, unaccountably, wander into the woods for the distinction between “tenterhooks” (correct) and “tender hooks” (laughably incorrect). Most disturbing of all, Kevin tells us about his recent interview on a celebrated podcast but refuses to tell us which podcast.

Season 9, Episode 18: Empty Your Wallet Here!

Mar 14, 2021

In what it is a partially money-themed episode, Tony and Kevin first explain where the many “heres” are wherein listeners can empty their wallets. Then, in the first segment, “Bingo Night at the Kushners,” Ivanka and Jared Kushner try to recover some of their social and economic capital by holding a bingo night for their new neighbors in Lower Heights. Next, in a new “Unclogging the Spam Filter,” Kevin and Tony try yet again to coax a large sum of money from another nice British widow who contacted them and so many others on her robo-email list.

Season 9, Episode 17: Remember, We're Award-Eligible!

Mar 7, 2021

In this episode, Kevin and Tony encourage the Listener to call in to the station to nominate “Men in Charge” for an award, given that the show is now, legally, award-eligible. “Best Hair” award for the hosts? Why not? “Most Likely to Succeed Recede into Oblivion”? That too.  But because self-congratulations can take the show only so far, matters move to the further adventures of “Emily Wellingtonford, Canadian Mine Owner and Usurer,” in which Emily continues her dalliance with Constable Coors, while the elderly Mrs.

Season 9, Episode 16: Kubrick, Shaw, Haldane & Clarke, Case 2

Feb 28, 2021

In this full-length radio play, an unrelated sequel to “Kubrick, Shaw, Haldane & Clarke, Case 1,” this serendipitous band of scientists, film auteurs, and other non-scientists investigate the death of a window washer in the 1960, all without the assistance of Artie Shaw, who still insisted on title credit. But is the cause of death a good enough crime to merit the magisterial title of “Murder”? Unearth your inner snob, Listener, and hear for yourself!  

Given the outcry, however muted, for the further adventures of “Wine Tasting with Men in Charge: The Next Generation,” Kevin and Tony oblige with further misuse of the Listener’s time. It’s a full-length episode, broken only by a commercial for “Bob Hacks Property Management.” Kevin and Tony’s wine-tasting avatars, Tamsin and Kennedy, find themselves confronted by oddly familiar counterparts in Mom jeans and wedge sandals. Is this time travel? A bad dream triggered by sausage sulfites? Tune in to find out, or wait for the movie!  

Season 9, Episode 14: Objet d'Eric

Feb 14, 2021

In this episode, Tony quickly dispenses with the title, “Objet d’Eric,” and lurches off in an unprecedented rant about shame-shaming and the idiotic “Who’s to say…?” question, until Kevin presses hard with his strangely soft philosopher hands to bring Tony down from his sputtering summit. With a deft segue, they then move into the episode’s segments. First, “Spic and Spandits 2”: Chloë and Madison go on tour with their redecorating banditry but bang into the long, hairy arm of Johnny Law.

Season 9, Episode 13: Not Another End Times!

Dec 13, 2020

It’s the midseason end of Season 9 and thus the beginning of reruns/the Apocalypse.  Many End Times predictions go under the discussion knife, however untreatable. But this episode's three and a .5 segments will help the Listener prepare for the next End Times.

Season 9, Episode 12: Actual Turkey Necks

Dec 6, 2020

This episode is the only one bold enough to address the overly casual use of modifiers (ie: “Actual”) and their power to corrupt the very concept of a “category” and thus the mind’s ability to form patterns. Tony and Kevin had better not be the only ones pissed off about this.  But tempers are tempered by the episodes’ segments.

Season 9, Episode 11: No Prostitution Today, Thank You!

Nov 29, 2020

What’s worse—selling your body or your very soul and the soul of your country? Let Tony and Kevin answer that, because apparently the New America can’t. Maybe this episode’s segments will help, or maybe not… First, “Dr. Orville Preacher, On Your Healthiness” returns with more pseudo-quasi-medical advice, and hapless sidekick Tim Wattles melts into his final, gelatinous phase. Then we make another visit to the rocky west of Ireland for “Fiona Lynch’s Irish Burrito Stand and Backyard Boxing Gym.” Will young Liam McTaggert be plucked away from Fiona’s clutches by a wealthy American relative?

Season 9, Episode 10: When Cans Were Made of Glass

Nov 22, 2020

From his earthen bunker, Tony describes how he ended up even farther into the depths of the earth while just trying to make some extra room for new rats. From his sewer, Kevin smiles benignly. This episode attempts to get at the nature of some strange relics they both found while exploring their pandemic-era digs: glassware in the shape of cans, with removable lids. When cans were made of glass, indeed!

Season 9, Episode 9: Spittoon of the Zeitgeist

Nov 15, 2020

Tony and Kevin again present a curated collection of four of their funniest sketches since last episode. First, however, they must dissect the meaning of their chosen episode title, "Spittoon of the Zeitgeist." Whatever the current zeitgeist is, they agree that it belongs in a spittoon. Then, starting with a fresh spittoon, they lead into the sketch "The Pharmacist that Doesn't Like to Hear About Your Medical Conditions" which, although enormously funny, is also self-explanatory.

As the ambiguity of the title indicates, this episode explores “ambiguity” in three of its nuances. Count if you don’t believe us, and then never believe us again.

Season 9, Episode 7: Tall for No Reason

Nov 1, 2020

Tony and Kevin discuss reasons why some people are tall and whether or not any of them have any reason to be. Usually they don't. Also attentive listeners will be able to divine Kevin and Tony's true heights. Prepare to be unsurprised.

Season 9, Episode 6: Your Inadequacies and Ours, Compared

Oct 25, 2020

Listener protestations to the contrary, Kevin and Tony decide it's time measure the inadequacies of their audience up against their own.  Let's just say it doesn't turn out well for the listeners.  To cheer up those mortified folks, the show moves on to this week's pre-award-winning segments: First, we're back to "Heaving Bosoms," chapter 15, with the old geezer Crone baby, and a new wrinkle-removing product. After that, a new convenience store adventure at the "Bilk N' Go," Capitalism is re-examined, and maybe derided.

Season 9, Episode 5: Doug Henning's World of Magic VIIII, 1995

Oct 18, 2020

When Maestro (c)-sponsored magician Doug Henning retired from his spankly jumpsuits and stage magic in 1985--destined to get a haircut, his fans guessed that he might get heavily involved with David Lynch and George Harrison in the Transcendental Meditation movement--and that he might run for MP B lackpool for the Natural Law Party. When it is revealed, in 1995, that Henning was Canadian, all of this is both confirmed and problematized. This special picks up that story where it left off many years ago, and features special appearances by Don ("Miami Vice") Johnson, Bob Uecker, Dr.

Season 9, Episode 4: Relax, We're Armed!

Oct 11, 2020

In this episode, Kevin and Tony—from the comfort of their sewer and earthen bunker respectively—discuss ways that arming the citizenry inevitably leads to peace.  At the same time, necessarily, they explore which kinds of mold provide good body insulation when it grow on clothes and skin.  With all that resolved, our boys move on to this episode's four segments.

Season 9, Episode 3: Tales of the Local Milk People

Oct 4, 2020

In this episode, Kevin and Tony open the show by mulling the various manifestations of “milk,” finally facing the long-festering question of milk’s gender. Then, first up is “A Man Called Bamby,” a noirish mystery in Manhattan bar in 1948, featuring meta-narrative trickery.  Next, we have the first drug commercial ever aired, for “Quaaludes.” Don’t nod off! Thirdly, Johnny Hambone, Library Bouncer, records his first podcast—from a hammock, in the woods, in the rain.

Season 9, Episode 2: The Second Bonus Episode

Sep 27, 2020

In this lightning-round episode, Kevin and Tony discuss the Second Bonus Episode alongside the several other Men in Charge bonus episodes, mainly contrasting them in terms of smell and weight. Then it's off to the metaphorical races with "IKEA," where founder and CEO Henry Ikea explains to us the symbiotic relationship of his build-it-yourself furniture industry and his role as a divorce attorney. After that, it's a word from our sponsor. "Chest Toupees for Women" provide an alternative to playing the shrinking violet in front of overbearing male colleagues at the next work meeting.

Season 9, Episode 1: Is There a Stowaway?

Sep 20, 2020

Tony and Kevin burst into Season 9 still mired, alas, where they were at the end of Season 8, in an earthen pit and Lower Heights sewer respectively, but still upbeat about their lockdown. They pursue the penultimate question we all must face: “Is there a stowaway?” Are we being stowed-away-upon, or are we our own stowaways? Listen and learn, maybe. Meanwhile, first up is the return of Mr. Skids, professional drunkard and reprobate, who seeks out fraud opportunities at the the unemployment office.

Season 8, Episode 26: The All-Banter Bunker & Sewer Episode!

May 10, 2020

Kevin and Tony remain sheltered in place, broadcasting remotely from the Lower Heights sewer system and an earthen bunker near Pansy Hollow, respectively. They play "sewer pranks," chuckle over the uses of Despair, and weigh the merits of different rat companions--sewer versus woodland. And from the Culture Commitariat, the great Mark Graham has a chafiningly funny new song.

Season 8, Episode 25: Like a Moth to Candy

May 4, 2020

Tony and Kevin explore the eggs in one basket of crossing a bridge when they come to it of mixed metaphors. Then it's the return of everyone's favorite unwashed philosophers, Hans and Jacques, in "Existentialists on a Hovercraft." These promoters of heavy, dark European breads outline their strategy for using bookstores as academic research institutions and meet their female Others. Then it's the fourteenth chapter of "Heaving Bosoms," in which things get a bit more meta than usual and the Crone's elderly baby with Coachman Coors begins growing a mustache.

Season 8, Episode 24: That's Just Hitler Being Hitler!

Apr 26, 2020

Kevin and Tony continue broadcasting from self-quarantine / poorly developed social skills, Kevin in the sewer system beneath the dripping streets of Lower Heights, and Tony in his bunker, with only arrow slits for light and air (and shooting arrows through). These are the perfect locales to discuss whether it’s okay for people to be evil if people are just following their true natures. Why not? Certainly perhaps the Men in Charge characters sometimes do. For instance, in “Disgruntled Belgian Talk Radio,” Didier mentors a trainee engineer at Jamie the Engineer’s expense.