Men in Charge

  • Hosted by Tony Flinn, Kevin Decker

“Men in Charge" is an uncertainly ironic sketch comedy show, written and performed by Kevin Decker and Tony Flinn, along with a cast of the talented willing.

Season 7, Episode 8: What About Orcs?

Nov 11, 2018


Season 7, Episode 7: The Corn Lobby Patriots

Nov 4, 2018

Discussing the move in the new, Vichy America to make Corn the national meat, and put corn-based snack products at the center of American religious life, Kevin and Tony extend their concerns to the dangers of manikins. Then, “Orville Preacher on Your Healthiness” gets a call from an accountant with dead guy in his hotel room. What to do? Then the Arts and Business Beat checks out the “Tougher Muffler Driving School,” where students study novels about driving and are yelled at from the back seat.

Season 7, Episode 6: Seven Uses for Lint

Oct 28, 2018

As this episode opens, Kevin is caught snacking poorly and is rightly upbraided for that lapse, and seven uses for lint are identified by guest banterers from the cast. With lint behind us, the show moves on to “The Hop on, Hop off, Paddywagon”: our favorite unemployed Mafia thugs, Aidan and Largo, are forced to enjoy canned announcements from tour guides as they’re hauled off to Lower Heights’ jail. Next, we hear from a new sponsor, “Family Dentistry—with Timmy!” The whole family gathers around to see little Timmy offer to floss the patients and rinse out syringes!

Season 7, Episode 5: The Four Kinds of Bile

Oct 21, 2018

Kevin and Tony take us through each kind of bile, ultimately addressing the idea of the cheroot cure. Then, on “What Business is it of Yours?” the show explores data harvesting--yours in particular, listener. Next, on “Professional Friends,” Tony and Kevin explain how their social media services can restore the reputations of even those most deservedly destroyed--including yours, listener. That's followed by a post-apocalyptic adventure with "Threadfall and Gazzer," who battle mutants, explain the dangers of cabbage, and show us the future of public radio.

Season 7, Episode 4: The Second Double Chin

Oct 14, 2018

For this episode, Tony and Kevin let the listeners know that their number—of chins, at least—may be going up faster than anticipated. The episode’s segments fit neatly under all those extra double chins, taking advantage of those overlapping flaps we citizens of the New America have so carefully nourished.

Season 7, Episode 3: CHAOS 6 (Your Source for Hideous Transformations)

Oct 7, 2018

This CHAOS space adventure takes Anders Lurkawhile and his moderately attentive crew—Spurious Jack Fowler, Declan McPogge, and Enid Hackney Grubbe (the 15th woman in space!)--on a perilous spaceflight! But oh, what horrors await them in space! And what horrors do our heroes bring back with them? And why can’t any of these sentences end with a mere period?

Season 7, Episode 2: They Killed Him in His Sleep

Sep 30, 2018

Well yes, that’s a disconcerting question, but how else can Men be In Charge? Besides, it’s he-said she-said, right? Unless you actually investigate though, so please don’t.

Season 7, Episode 1: Lonely, Naked, and Afraid

Sep 23, 2018

Having given up on cigar-smoking as a masculine signifier, Kevin and Tony burst back into the studio with the long-awaited new season (7). As the title of this first episode suggests, all is not well in the mythical land of manhood. First up is “Theo Carbondale, Atheist National Guardsman,” in which a recruit named Squeak learns why God hasn’t yet granted him any chest hair. Next comes “Ken Jennings’ Tricks and Pranks.” The Jeopardy champion, now 102, sells his roguery in the form of expensive pranks that are generally at the prankster’s expense.

Season 6, Episode 26: The Fish Betrayals

Apr 1, 2018

  For the third part of the now widely known and possibly admired Fish Trilogy, the story—as well as Season 6 itself—draws to a conclusion, the way third parts of trilogies typically do, and in a way that will satisfy all but the attentive listeners. We learn whether Kevin can become himself again, as well as how Manly Druthers became a giant blue treacherous floating magical fish in the first place. And the question of whether or not Men in Charge can re-masculize American culture on its own remains properly unaddressed.

Season 6, Episode 25: Mystery Fish Made Me Sick

Mar 25, 2018

  In this, the second in the partly well regarded Fish trilogy so recently almost nominated for an award, Tony may (or may not) have recovered from the one thousand fish sandwiches unwisely transported to his stomach as the result of an ill-thought-out wish by Kevin, who was too easily gulled by the promises of the Magic Fish and former 1940s radio host, Manly Druthers. Kevin makes yet another bad choice of wishes, and we learn more about what back-alley brawls were like in the 1940s.