Men in Charge

  • Hosted by Tony Flinn, Kevin Decker

A series from the creative genius of Tony Flinn and Kevin Decker

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Season 6, Episode 6: Roy Continues to Disappoint

Oct 22, 2017

Tony and Kevin had already asked Roy to write this summary for episode five of our current season, but he missed their deadline twice and eventually pulled out. So Tony and Kevin share with the listener more intensely personal reasons why Roy continues to disappoint. Beyond that, the show returns to the archaic past for more policing adventures in Sumeria with Fertile Crescent Sumerian Investigators.

Season 6, Episode 5: Everything is Strange!

Oct 15, 2017

  Kevin and Tony admonish the Listener for listening to Men in Charge in gin-stained pajamas, and then explain why, in the set of parallel universes that are actually our universe, Everything is Strange! First they take you to Top Secret Hotel, where crises abound and proliferate like a handy simile. Where, for instance, are the towels kept? And are they clean or just hung up again, damply? Next, we’re moved to part deux of “Guy Burley, Responsible Budget Steward and Public Bartender” of Commanding Heights, where you can smell the plutocratic armpit up close.

Season 6, Episode 4: A Still Life of Meat

Oct 8, 2017

And yes, that meat’s still alive, listener! Ponder that while you listen to Tony and Kevin banter about this and that and introduce today’s sketches. First, it’s “Bogdan Krasplasian, Unfulfilled Bulgarian Communist Party Minor Functionary,” Communist Bulgaria’s answer to “The Office.” Just add mud and melancholy. Then we cut away to our sponsor, Marital Medications, for all occasions—because every relationship could use a boost. Spilling from today’s pharmacopeia is “Dramatine,” for when reveals of shocking information to your spouse don’t appropriately raise their ire.

Season 6, Episode 3: The All-Nancy Episode!

Oct 1, 2017

  Kevin and Tony wrestle with the question of why this episode is called “All Nancy.” Is it a reference to the old “Nancy” comic strip, with its hard, heavy boundary lines? Or because the episode’s segments all take place in the city of Nancy, France? But do they? No. So who is “Nancy”? Listen and learn why she very much does live up to all the “Nancy” hype. First there’s “Chester Hedridge’s Worthy Opponents,” in which Chester tries to defeat Nancy at parking and boxing. Given the episode’s title, we can guess who prevails.

Season 6, Episode 2: CHAOS 4

Sep 24, 2017

Public radio villain and science show announcer Anders Lurkawhile is back, and the topic of this all-new CHAOS is “Ghosts: Reality or Utter, Utter Stupidity?” Lurkawhile reasons that while scientists have always spurned the supernatural, CHAOS is about all the ways in which one can die at the hands of science and, well, ghosts obviously have something to do about that. First, he interviews Dr. Seymour Fackenheim on the subject in hopes of discovering some subtle truths about what happens to us after we die, but those hopes are in vain.

Season 6, Episode 1: Oblique to the Universe!

Sep 17, 2017

Kevin and Tony, hounded by the tyranny of integer sequences, have moved directly from the end of Season 5 to the start of Season 6. Were they not so weak and vulnerable to suggestion, the boys might have begun Season 5A, or even Season 117.3. To help them cope, as well as explain what is meant by the opaque title, “Oblique to the Universe,” Tony and Kevin turn to visiting Portlanders, “Kathy” and “Andy” (possibly not their real names), who offer their harsh appraisal.

Season 5, Episode 26: Rubber Fingers of Air

Sep 10, 2017

Tony and Kevin close out Men in Charge season 5 by talking with each other about topics. Then they allow you to relish the hard-hitting, below the belt interviewing style of “Stern and Sober,” who take local fisheries expert Hubert Hamper to task; Grimn and Gorley, Interdimensional Victorian Time-traveling Werewolf Hunters are trapped in a cosmic wireframe diagram. If you’re into “medical tourism,” like the protagonist of Albert Camus’ “The Plague,” then you’ll love what comes out of the Spam Filter when we talk to the administrator of Bolge Hospital, Turkey.

In the second subsection of this fifth chapter of “Rocket to the Future! Part One,” we resume the ordeal of “Performance Reviews—in Space!” Does Crewman #4 get the coveted position of working under Ensign Zinn that she so desperately wanted? Will Commander Train change Ensign Zinn into an actual alien? If so, why? Where is the radioactive name tag that confers strange powers, and who will receive it next? What is Phil the Used Android’s secret mission in the Rising Gorge? Can Lt. Nemesis really tamper with his recorded performance review with enough scissors and tape?

It’s the first part of the “Rocket to the Future!” epic called “Performance Reviews—in Space!” THRILL to Commander Train taking over the performance review process from Captain Major, who’s in some kind of gin-induced coma. SWOON to the intriguing tete-a-tete between the Announcer, who thinks she sees a giant alien menace on the horizon, and Hans and Jacques, who look in vain for evil alien absinthe. And your heart with WARM WITH INDIGESTION at the fate of the plotting Lt.

Season 5, Episode 23: Mister Fifty Lungs

Aug 20, 2017

In this episode, Kevin and Tony explain why irony is like a lotion rubbed on our backs by a stranger’s hands, and then, as if that weren’t enough, they take the listener on a series of unsettling and ridiculous journeys. First, Dan Blanche (the longest-serving adjunct writing instructor at Lower Heights Community College) has an unproductive encounter with the ruthless career advisor, Brian Feldon. Next, our hosts once again unclog the spam filter, this time bringing forth Kalechi Kamara, who brings investment opportunities from the Togo Lome asylum camp.