Men in Charge

  • Hosted by Tony Flinn, Kevin Decker

A series from the creative genius of Tony Flinn and Kevin Decker

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Season 5, Episode 22: The Quest for the Dean of Men (Radio Version)

Aug 13, 2017

For those who were wondering how public radio villain/scientist Anders Lurkawhile went from being a Men in Charge pest to a pest with occasional full-length episodes of CHAOS on Men in Charge, here is the straight dope. It begins when Tony and Kevin are stunned as Anders Lurkawhile approaches them for aid in finding the Dean of Men, who is unaccountably important in this early stage of the plot. In his Portable Management Center Cavern in the Himalayas, Sherpa Tenzing holds the most important clue.

Season 5, Episode 21: A Damp Tissue of Lies!

Aug 6, 2017

  In yet another exclamatory episode, Kevin and Tony discuss how damp tissues of lies can become before they (the tissues of lies) fall apart. Pretty damp, we learn. But the rest of the episode isn’t quite as educational. In “What’s New with You?” host Roger Basement—winner of the coveted Baritone award--interviews playwright Art Buckle and learns that his ontological condition isn’t quite as stable as he might wish, Baritone awards notwithstanding.

Season 5, Episode 20: RTF! Pt 1, Ch 4B

Jul 30, 2017

Report on recent mission of the crew of USF Rocket Vanguard//By Phil the Used Android//The Earth Space Force Rocket Vanguard had been utterly destroyed by a miscalculation of the ship’s used android, Phil//ERROR//…destroyed by a miscalculation of Pip the stowaway street urchin//CORRECTION…Explosion was only overloading of delivery mechanism for Lt.

Season 5, Episode 19: RTF! Pt 1, Ch 4A: CADET BILLY, WARLORD OF MARS!

Jul 23, 2017

  As you’ll remember from Chapter 3, parts A&B, of Rocket to the Future! Part 1, Cadet Billy is now wearing the radioactive name tag that declares him “Warlord of Mars!” Taking this designation seriously, he takes Lieutenant Nemesis and Farley Stubbs as hostages in an escape pod to Phobos, the scarier of the Mars moons. Why? Not just for the view, but to meet with his Martian army of insurrectionists. Meanwhile, Captain Major and the crew try a venereal time warp to leave Mercury in time to… well, they have no idea.

Season 5, Episode 18: That’s So Adorable I Could Scream!

Jul 16, 2017

Kevin and Tony discuss the categories into which things should be sorted that are so adorable we could scream. We’re not talking about the adorability intrinsically tied into screaming: that is, animatronic dolls that people swarm over each other to buy on Black Friday. We’re more talking about underwear on the floor for days. We do eventually get around to airing segments: Erin Maxwell, Rogue Podiatrist invades Reggie Forge’s Ethics Lite™ Women’s Empowerment Seminar to look for foot-bending shoes.

Season 5, Episode 17: CHAOS 3

Jul 9, 2017

Anders Lurkawhile and his new sidekick Spurious Jim Fowler take us on a journey through the highways and byways of north central Britain in Anders’ new Aston Martin DB4. To our regret, we find out which lay-by Anders lost his virginity at, and Spurious Jim puts in effort trying to milk a male cow. Eventually they arrive at the Brownout Nuclear Power Station, the home of the Small Hadron Collider. Time to get small! Our sponsors include Salad Milk, the nutritious snack made from vitamin-rich leavings on the Salad Fan Club factory floor as well as Dick Digwood’s Eco-Blaster Toys.

Season 5, Episode 16: A Boy Called Todd

Jul 2, 2017

Are you a boy called “Todd”? If so, this episode is named after you! After an informal colloquy on the issues of the day with Kevin and Tony, we listen in on Sheila Mildew, who is likely the world’s most annoying and depressing conversationalist at the same time. But she’s overly needy, and we respect that. After a trailer for the new film “Goethe Hard,” which displays the German Romantic in a whole new light, Didier Vendage is back with another Disgruntled Belgian Talk Radio—and his caller will seem awfully familiar if you listened from the beginning!

Season 5, Episode 15: Men in Charge After Dark

Jun 25, 2017

Tony and Kevin turn the lights down low—until they realize that they can’t see the recording equipment. First, we sit in on the Jane Austen Book Club for Men, where it’s not clear if the club members have read the same book or understood whichever book they have, in fact, read. We take just a moment out of our programming to acknowledge our sponsor Dick Digwood and his False Alarm Prevention service. Then Disgruntled Belgian Talk Radio’s Didier Vendage is a guest on Offended Belgian Cable Access TV with Jean-Jacques Vendage (his brother).

Season 5, Episode 14: R2F! Pt 1, Ch 3, Sub B: Rocketmen from Planet B

Jun 18, 2017

While Ensign Zinn chases the paradigmatically uninterested Cadet Cindy, Farley Stubbs and Lt. Nemesis (“That’s Nem-EE-sis!”) are chased by a radically changed Cadet Billy, who has put on the glowing nametag dropped by Professor Shadowy. Lt. Schickelgruber and Crewman #4, who’s found a nametag that calls her “Spanky Halles,” have found something to grit the path with. Captain Major meets a figure from his past: Old Shep, who first got him hooked on space gin and milk. But it’s the kick from the milk you have to watch out for.

Season 5, Episode 13: R2F! Pt 1, Ch 3, Sub A: Rocketmen from Planet B

Jun 11, 2017

Still on a mission to Mars to quell the native insurrection there, the Earth Space Force rocket Vanguard ends up, somehow, on Mercury. Having no daily rotation (unlike the coffee pots at Einstein’s Bagels), Mercury has a cold side and an hot side—and woe betide anyone who strays out of the temperate zone ringing its middle like a spandex waistband of eternal safety. Crewman #4 and Lt. Schickelgruber explore the planet with the aid of the unhelpful Phil, the Used Android, while nearby, the evil Rocketmen from Planet B plot to take over the Vanguard.