Movie Reviews

Dan Webster and Nathan Weinbender give short movie reviews.

Dan Webster reviews "A Star is Born"

21 hours ago

"A Star is Born" gives a fresh, contemporary feel to an old, familiar story, Dan Webster sayd in his movie review.

"Juliet, Naked" is an equal blend of comedy and romance, Dan Webster says in his movie review. 

Nathan Weinbender Reviews "The Nun"

Sep 22, 2018

"The Nun" has been a huge horror hit, but is it any good? The fifth installment in the ongoing "Conjuing" movie universe, it's another prequel that explains the origins of one of its iconic monsters. Nathan Weinbender says you probably won't be screaming, but you'll definitely be yawning. 

"The Wife" explores the compromise one woman makes to have a happy, successful marriage, Dan Webster says in his movie review.

"Searching" is the story of a father trying to solve his teenage daughter's disappearance using social media, but there's a twist: it's told entirely from the point of view of the computer. Nathan Weinbender says it's actually a smarter examination of 21st-century technology than it is a mystery. 

Dan Webster Reviews "Puzzle"

Sep 7, 2018

"Puzzle" delves into the life of a woman on the verge of an awakening, Dan Webster says in his movie review. 

Despite its title, "Crazy Rich Asians" is a classic romantic comedy, Dan Webster says in his movie review. 

"Leave No Trace" is a contemporary study of life and the struggle one man and his daughter have coping with it, Dan Webster says in his movie review. 

The documentary "Whitney" tells the sad tale of a talented celebrity doomed by fame, Dan Webster says in his movie review.

Bo Burnham began his career as a teenager comedian on YouTube and has now bevome a filmmaker and his first feature as writer/director is "Eighth Grade," the story of an awkward teenage girl in her last year of middle school. Nathan Weinbender says it's rightfully earning a place amongst the best reviewed films of the year so far.