Snap Judgment

KSFC: Saturday 9pm-10pm
  • Hosted by Glynn Washington

The hot new NPR show about the decisions that change everything. Snap Judgment is the smoking-hot show from NPR about the decisions people make that change EVERYTHING. Raw, intimate, and surprising, host Glynn Washington explores real life drama that will leave you breathless. Lush soundscapes paired with DJ driven rhythms drop listeners into the heart of the story. Storytelling... With a beat. Winner of the Public Radio Talent Quest (think American Idol for Public Radio).

About the host:
Host and Executive Producer Glynn Washington, before creating the Snap Judgment radio show, worked as an educator, diplomat, community activist, actor, political strategist, fist-shaker, mountain-hollerer, and foot stomper. Glynn composed music for the Kunst Stoff dance performances in San Francisco, rocked live spoken word poetry in Detroit, joined a band in Indonesia, wrote several screenplays, painted a daring series of self portraits, released a blues album, and thinks his stories are best served with cocktails.

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