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Shall I Be Tested For The Coronavirus?

Spokane Regional Health District

The Spokane Regional Health District has created a graphic that gives guidance to those who wonder whether they should be tested for the coronavirus.

Drive through screening will continue this week at the Spokane County Fairgrounds for people think they might have the coronavirus. The service began on Friday with initial requirements that people get some documentation from their doctors that they should be tested.

That requirement has since been changed. During a briefing Sunday, county health officer Bob Lutz outlined who is eligible to be screened.

“The process would be you do not need a paper referral. You need nothing more than to show up and say you’ve talked with your provider or the nursing hotline. They’ve recommended you come down for screening. You will again be screened by health care providers at that site and they will be looking for those symptoms, looking for other history that would be important for them to know," Lutz said.

He says they’ll be interested to know if you have underlying health issues, such as heart or lung disease, diabetes, cancer or something that lowers your immunity. From there, the providers will determine if you should be tested for the coronavirus.

The Spokane drive-through screening site is open from 10 am to 8 pm.