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David Borodin reads part one of his original poem, "My Muse Is out of Control"

Poet and writer David Borodin
Savanna Rothe
Spokane Public Radio
Poet and writer David Borodin

A rogue muse results in such prodigious output that it needs to be split into two parts

David Borodin is a retired art appraiser, originally from Philadelphia but now living in Twin Lakes, Idaho.

He identifies his poetic work with the so-called New Formalist tradition, with its renewed attention to the use of meter, rhyme, and stanzaic symmetry as instruments of effective patterning. Although his poems are inspired by a wide range of subjects, including music, visual art, literature and love, his abiding interest in cognitive science provides a special focus for exploring through his poems the phenomenon of consciousness.

Although available in hardcopy as well, he makes all his poetry available to read for free on his website.