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About Record Sale Donations: In an effort to keep SPR staff safe and healthy as we provide public media to the region we are currently not accepting Record Sale donations. We will let people know when we are ready to accept donations again. We apologize for any inconvenience but safety is a priority. Thank you for your interest in The Record Sale.

Donate Music, Movies, and More for the Record Sale


Thanks for your interest in The Record Sale.  Out of an abundance of caution we are not accepting donations at this time.


For that same reason The Record Sale has been canceled for February 2021.


However please keep your eye on our  events page for more announcements in the future. Thanks!


Spokane Public Radio is not accepting donations for future Record Sales at this time. But please hang on to your possible donations, and we will hopefully be open to accepting them again soon. 

When we are accpeting donations you can drop off your gently used media and equipment items at the SPR Station (1229 N. Monroe St.) during business hours.

You can also donate at:

  • Long Ear CDs & Stuff, 1620 N Government Way, Coeur d'Alene, ID
  • Four Thousand Holes, 1610 N Monroe St, Spokane, WA

The Record Sale in 2020 was February 22 and 23, 2020 at the CenterPlace Regional Event Center (2426 N. Discovery Place, Spokane Valley).

A stack of records at the Record Sale. LPs, 45s, Compact Discs, DVDs, Blu-Ray, other recordings and equipment are all accepted at Spokane Public Radio until early February.

How & What to Give to the KPBX Recordings & Videos Sale:

Thank you for your interest in donating to The Record Sale.

We accept equipment, vinyl records, 78 RPM records, 45 RPM singles, compact discs, DVD and Blu-ray discs, cassette tape, eight-track cartridges, reel-to-reel tapes, commercial VHS and Beta tapes, and sealed blank tapes. See details below.

We CANNOT accept home-recorded cassette tapes or CD-R recordings due to copyright issues.

Donation Guidelines:
In general, all items should be clean, in their original sleeves or cases, with all booklets included.

Vinyl Records
The primary reason for the sale and the reason it has gone on so long. Records should be in their original jackets with dust sleeves and in ‘gently used’ condition. In the case of long works such as operas or long symphonies, be sure that all records are in the case along with the books.
What we don’t want: Reader’s Digest, Time/Life, Longines, or Columbia House sets.

78 RPM Records
We take a limited number of these as there are a lot of folks who come out to find historic music that has never been re-released from this format. Be sure all the records are in their ‘albums’ and pack them carefully to insure they make it to our sorting center.

45 RPM Singles
The single record that introduced a lot of songs. We’ll take them from any source and in any form. Please bring them in their sleeves.

Compact Discs
Modern convenience for long play of music. We ask that CDS come in protected in some manner, preferably in their jewel cases, with their books and tray notes. In the case of the CD Box Set, make sure all CDS in the set as well as the books are enclosed. No home recorded CDs are accepted, due to copyright issues.

DVD and Blu-ray Discs
In the case of TV series or multi-part works be sure all parts are enclosed and again ‘gently used’ is a guide to a good used DVD/Blu-ray.

Cassette Tapes
This hardy format rolls on despite all the upgrading. Be sure the cassette comes in its case or in the case of a box set or a long classical work such as an opera, with all the tapes and the books that should be with the set. As a reminder, no home recordings in this format are accepted for the sale, due to copyright issues.

Eight track cartridges
We’ll take them in whatever manner that they come in as. Due to their age, lack  of sleeving will be understood, but if the sleeve is availalbe, so much the better.

Pre-Recorded Reel To Reel Tapes
Please bring them in with their reels (if multi-part sets), their books and please be sure they are in a "played" condition.

Commercial VHS and Beta Tapes
Like their DVD counterparts, be sure the tapes are all together complete with their extra material. Also, be sure they are in a sleeve or case.

Blank Tape
We will accept a limited amount of VHS and cassette tapes as well as CD-Rs for sale. We do accept blank reel-to-reel tape as it is scarece and many of our sale-goers use the format. We will bulk erase these tapes to be sure that no sensitive material is ever heard. The tapes should have been played and come in their boxes.

Equipment Auction
We love the classic equipment, as long as it's in working condition. Please test your equipment before bringing it in. In the case of reel-to-reel tape machines, if you leave tape on the machine, be sure the box for the tape comes in with it, if possible. In all cases, if possible, bring the operating manual in as well, and if you have the originial carton, that would be helpful.

And Finally...

Should there be any questions as to what we accept or what will be at the sale, please call Spokane Public Radio at (509) 328-5729 or (1-800) 328-5729 for more information. Also if bringing in large quantities for donation (many boxes, lareg or awkward pieces, etc.) please call ahead to be sure someone will be able to assist you with your donations.

Should you desire to help out as a volunteer (or have you ever wondered what it’s like to work the actual sale) please call Stephanie Ingoldby, our Volunteer Coordinator (same numbers) and sign up. She’ll be glad to have you come aboard. Besides, it’s a fun opportunity to meet a lot of music lovers as well.

Above all, please know that we cannot do this sale without you. From bringing in your donations, to working the sale, to promoting it to your friends, it’s all done for you and by you and we thank you as listeners and supporters of Spokane Public Radio for making it happen. See you at the sale!

Curious about starting your record collection? Read this helpful article by Record Sale Guru Bill Wright: Record Collecting for the Beginner