Classical Music

Pianist Peggy Reich visited our KPBX studio to discuss her new program, "Music, the Speech of Angels," that she presents this week in various north Idaho locations. She illustrates her conversation with Jim Tevenan around the topic of musical aesthetics with selections from the music used in her programs.

Sheku Kanneh-Mason talks with Jim Tevenan about his new Decca album. Sheku is a young man with great technical prowess and an understanding of the music he plays much beyond his years. 

Colin Mulvany / The Spokesman-Review


SPR hosts a table at the Fall Arts Preview before the Spokane Symphony's free Labor Day Concert on Monday, September 2, 2019, from 4-7 p.m. in Comstock Park. Stop by to say hello and enter to win some free tickets to an upcoming event!  

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Performers: Kylie Pribus, Andrew Peltonen, Amanda Nguyen, Cascadde Donally

Performers: Harrison Storm, Tian Mei Dwyer, Alesia Levchenko, Kristina Didenko, Chjristian Skok, Tatyan a Zdanevska, Norah Jones-Vaneyck

Performers: Alexandrea Mostar-Dean, Caroline Slater, Jasmine Wen, Caede Lutz

Classical/Hip Hop Group Aims To Shatter Stereotypes

Nov 28, 2018
Doug Nadvornick/SPR

If you drew up a Venn diagram for musical genres, the classical and hip hop categories probably would not overlap, or at least not much. But a duo that calls itself Black Violin is merging those two types of music and adding other influences as well.

The members of Black Violin performed at The Fox in Spokane Saturday night. Earlier in the day, they took the stage at East Central Community Center to talk about their path into the music business.