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Spokane COVID Response/City of Spokane

Spokane County health authorities are urging people who go to get tested for Covid to assume they’re positive and stay home until they hear otherwise.

Health Officer Bob Lutz says many labs that test the samples are so busy that they’re not able to return results for a week or more.

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Spokane County health officials say a new public Covid testing site will open to the public tomorrow [Friday] in Airway Heights. Health Office Bob Lutz says it replaces the public drive-through site at the county Fairgrounds that closed a few weeks ago.

Spokane COVID Response

Spokane County reported nine more confirmed Covid cases on Monday, pushing the total to 842.

Health Officer Bob Lutz attributed part of that today [Monday] to more testing. He says providers around the county have tested about 6,000 people in the three weeks since Memorial Day, compared to about 4,000 in the preceding three weeks.

Lutz says there’s one new trend.

Spokane County has 57 new confirmed cases of Covid-19, according to Health Officer Bob Lutz. That pushes the county over the 700 mark.

Lutz attributes some of that to increased activity during a nice Memorial Day, now nearly two weeks in the past. And some, he says, is simply due to more testing.

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The efforts by the state of Washington to secure equipment for Covid testing continue to be spotty. State officials say the federal government sent only a fraction of the promised supplies in May.

Meanwhile, a Spokane Native health leader says she’s also having difficulty getting the test equipment her clinic needs.

Idaho Announces Need For More Testing, Contact Tracing

May 22, 2020
Idaho Public Television


An Idaho task force says the state needs to continue to increase its capacity for testing more people for the coronavirus.

The task force released its recommendations today [Friday].


Elected leaders in Spokane County say they’re looking for specifics as to how they can convince the state to allow more businesses to open soon. Spokane’s mayor says the governor has imposed a strict standard that probably isn’t attainable. Others think he hasn’t yet finalized what he wants from larger counties.

Missy Nadvornick

Washington Governor Jay Inslee says the state will only be able to move away from coronavirus-related restrictions if it can improve in two areas: testing and contact tracing.

In the case of testing, the governor’s directive to test more people for Covid-19 has set in motion a big logistical project.


The doctor in charge of a research trial in Washington for an anti-coronavirus drug says results presented Wednesday are similar to what he’s seeing.

MultiCare is one of several health care providers around the country testing the drug Remdesivir with its patients who have Covid-19. Most of the 53 in Washington who have been given the drug are west of the mountains, but there are a handful in Spokane as well, says Dr. Vinay Malhotra, the study’s principal investigator.

Courtesy of Spokane Regional Health District

Spokane County’s mobile coronavirus testing clinic will be closed for the next three days while health officials prepare it for a new operator.

Health Officer Bob Lutz says, beginning Monday, members of the Washington Air National Guard will man the station and take samples from customers who drive up.

Whitworth University

Whitworth University says it plans to welcome students back to campus this fall and hold in-person classes.

The north Spokane school joins Gonzaga in making their fall plans public. Washington State and the University of Idaho are also leaning that way.

Spokane Covid Testing To Change To Dispersed Locations

Apr 24, 2020

Spokane County will move to a new Covid testing phase beginning next Friday.

For the last few weeks, people wanting tests have been able to go to their doctor or to the county’s mobile testing clinic at the Spokane County Fairgrounds.

Courtesy of Spokane Regional Health District

Our new Inland Journal podcast features a chat with Spokane County Health Officer Dr. Bob Lutz. We’ll hear about an isolation facility at the Spokane County Fairgrounds where people who were exposed to the coronavirus and show  symptoms (or who have symptoms of flu or the cold) can stay if they have nowhere safe to go. We’ll also talk about expanded testing and contact tracing and other issues. This program was recorded Thursday afternoon, April 23.

Spoklane COVID Response

Spokane County Health Officer Bob Lutz says advice from the Washington Department of Health about when to test people for the coronavirus is changing.

“There will be new guidance coming out this week to health care professionals that will be talking about the importance of testing anybody, anybody, I emphasize, who has symptoms that are suggestive of COVID-19," Lutz said.

Providence Offers Faster COVID Testing To Some In Spokane

Apr 17, 2020

Providence has begun a pilot program to offer quick COVID-19 testing for health care workers and others at high risk of contracting the virus.

People who are interested are asked to book a virtual care appointment with a Providence provider.