Daylight Saving Time

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This week on Inland Journal, we’ll talk with a proponent of moving the country to Daylight Saving Time permanently as a bill advocating that moves through the Washington legislature. And Tracy Simmons from Spokane FAVS dot com will talk with the supervisor of the United Methodist churches in eastern Washington about the church’s recent decision to continue with its tradition of not allowing gay Methodists to serve as clergy or to marry same sex partners.

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Monday on the Inland Journal podcast, to Olympia we go to talk about health care bills and a proposal to move Washington to Daylight Saving Time on a permanent basis. We’ll talk with a University of Washington law professor who is a big supporter of that idea. And we talk with a Spokane youth counselor who sponsored a fun run last Saturday to draw attention to the needs of teens and young adults.

Daylight Saving Time Bill Advances in Washington House

Mar 1, 2019
Doug Nadvornick/SPR

A bill that would move Washington to full-time Daylight Saving Time is now headed to the state House floor. The legislation’s prime sponsor is Spokane Democratic Representative Marcus Riccelli.

Riccelli’s bill cleared the money committee in the House, the Appropriations Committee, late Thursday. It would move the state away from the “Spring Forward, Fall Back” regime that will take effect again just a week from now.