Downtown Spokane

Courtesy of Terrain

One of Spokane’s annual downtown events is returning this year after taking 2020 off because of Covid. We’re not talking Hoopfest. We’re talking Terrain’s seventh annual art bazaar that celebrates local art and artists.

Parking Tickets to Double at the End of the Month

Jun 18, 2021
Rebecca White/SPR

Parking tickets for downtown Spokane are doubling at the end of the month.

Parking tickets are currently $15 in the downtown area, but due to a fee increased approved by Spokane City Council, the tickets will double to $30. The City Council voted to increase parking tickets after a study found the current fees and system often led to people overstaying parking spots in front of downtown businesses, making them difficult to access, and led to people circling through downtown looking for spots longer, which makes traffic worse.

Most community members say they want the Joe Albi Stadium rebuilt downtown, according to results of a survey Spokane Public Schools conducted over the last few weeks.

Fully Electric Bus Unveiled in Spokane

Mar 18, 2021
Courtesy of SRTC

The Spokane Transit Authority has unveiled a 60-foot electric bus that might remind people of the city's defunct street car system.

“It’s meant to operate like a streetcar in other cities,” Brandon Rapez Betty of Spokane Transit said. “It’s so much more affordable and it’s a lot more flexible to accommodate our downtown events like Bloomsday and Hoopfest.”

He said the bus was also designed to invoke the image of a train, with a dark front fading to lilac. He said it’s much quieter than the diesel engines most of the current buses have, and releases zero emissions.