Dr. Christine Hahn

Courtesy of State of Idaho

Idaho public health officials say they’re nearing the point where the supply of Covid vaccine will be greater than the demand.

“We are concerned that we are already seeing a sharp drop off in vaccine uptake," said Idaho state epidemiologist Christine Hahn.

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Idaho Governor Brad Little says his state will move from Stage 2 to Stage 3 in its coronavirus reopening protocol.

Little announced Tuesday that groups of up to 50 may now gather, as long as they take precautions with masks and physical distancing.

Idaho Drops Back To Covid Phase Three

Oct 26, 2020
Idaho Public TV screenshot

Idaho’s governor has announced the Gem State is taking a step back to phase three of its coronavirus protocol.

State Epidemiologist Christine Hahn says the main factor is the surge in the number of hospital cases.

Idaho Public Television

Idaho Governor Brad Little says individual school districts will decide whether to bring students back to the classroom this fall. But he says the expectation is that schools will not be closed for an extended period.

Little told reporters today [Thursday] the state has allocated tens of millions of dollars to pay for a variety of Covid-related school needs, from computers and Internet connections to testing and PPE supplies.

He says he’s sure that when students and teachers are summoned back to schools, they’ll be safe.

Idaho Public Television

Idaho Governor Brad Little today [Thursday] announced the Gem State will stay where it is in its recovery from the coronavirus.

“Over the past two weeks, Idaho did not meet the criteria to advance past the final stage of the Idaho Rebounds plan. We will remain in stage four for at least another two weeks," the governor said.

State epidemiologist Christine Hahn cited the rise in Covid cases in Idaho over the last two weeks.


Idaho Governor Brad Little is urging his state’s citizens to impose more discipline on themselves to keep COVID-19 from spreading. The governor told reporters today [Wednesday] that the Gem State will adopt federal guidelines to maintain as much physical distance between people as they can.

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Today on Inland Journal and the Inland Journal podcast, we look ahead to next week’s presidential primary in Washington.

“I think we’re one of the biggest on March 10 and I think that we’re going to get some national coverage, certainly, on Election Night and I think we’re going to see candidates, the two remaining candidates, come and campaign here.”

We’ll talk with Washington Secretary of State Kim Wyman about issues related to the primary. Nick Deshais will tell us about a legal challenge over restricting guns at the Festival at Sandpoint.

The state of Idaho is preparing for the coronavirus. And we’ll talk about a public campaign in Washington aimed at steering young people away from opioids.

Idaho Creates Coronavirus Working Group

Mar 4, 2020
Courtesy of Idaho Governor's office

Idaho Governor Brad Little says he has created a working group to oversee his state’s response to the coronavirus.

Little held a press conference in Boise to announce that that group met for the first time today [Wednesday]. He says his staff and state agencies have been monitoring the worldwide situation for the last two months.