Idaho Economy Continues To Improve, Says Governor

Jun 9, 2021
Doug Nadvornick/SPR

Idaho Governor Brad Little says his state’s economy is booming as it continues to move past the Covid pandemic. 

Little’s office on Wednesday released new figures that show the Gem State collected nearly $600 million more in tax revenue than expected in May.

Idaho Governor Announces Four-Stage Reopening Plan

Apr 23, 2020
State of Idaho

Idaho Governor Brad Little has announced a four-stage plan for re-opening the state’s businesses and communities after closures due to the coronavirus.

“The first stage will be almost all the retail and houses of faith. The second stage will be restaurants. The third stage will be bars," Little said.

The fourth stage will allow even larger gatherings with the appropriate physical distancing.

The first stage is scheduled to take effect May 1.

Doug Nadvornick/SPR

The federal government is sending about $90 million from the coronavirus recovery fund to Spokane County.

County commissioners say they’re interested in hearing how people want that to be divided. They’ve created an online survey for people to fill out.

But one Spokane group hopes they’ll do more to make sure the money gets into the right hands.

Republic, Washington Rolls with the Economic Tides

Oct 5, 2017

Many rural Northwest communities are enduring painful transitions as they move away from a heavy reliance on their traditional resource based industries. Republic, in Washington's Ferry County, is one of those. The county’s unemployment rate was at 9.6% in August, easily the highest rate in the state. This transition and uncertainty is nothing new for Republic.  The town has endured it for years.

Several years ago, reporter Phyllis Silver profiled Republic for a series she called  "Take the Old Road".  Recently, she went back to see how things have changed.

When you walk into the liquor section at Costco — and other major retailers in Washington — you can find and purchase private label beers, wines and liquors. It’s legal for those stores to sell private label beers and wines, but, as it turns out, it’s illegal for them to sell private label spirits.

Washington’s Liquor and Cannabis Board had hoped the legislature would change that this year. It supported a bill moved partway through the legislative process before dying. Now, the state board is deciding its next action. That could potentially include requiring retailers that sell private label spirits to pull them from their shelves.