Film Festival

This week on Northwest Arts Review, Chris Maccini talks with professor and author Dr. Anu Taranath, latest in the series of Hagan Center for the Humanities presenters at SCC. We’ll also welcome Neal Schlindler, co-chair of the Spokane Jewish Cultural Film Festival that begins next week. Dan Webster is by with a movie review and we have a bit of turn-of-the-(twentieth) century music from EWU.

Dan Webster, Mary Pat Threuthart and Nathan Weinbender assess a new and timely film about power and misbehavior in the entertainment industry, The Assistant. They also preview some key films that are part of this year's Spokane International Film Festival, with special attantion to the outdoor adventure documentary,
Super Frenchie. Intermission music is from Howard Shore's music to The Score.

Jane Fritz of The Idaho Mythweaver speaks with Verne Windham about the American Indian Film Festival in Sandpoint, Idaho on October 11, 2014 at the Panida Theater.