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Health insurance enrollment period opens Monday

Nov 1, 2021
Courtesy: Washington Health Plan Finder and Your Health Idaho

The open enrollment period for health insurance opens today [Monday] in Washington and Idaho.

Officials in both states say consumers will benefit from a wider variety of options than in past years.

Washington officials say 12 companies will offer health insurance through the state exchange this year. Consumers in all 39 counties will have at least one plan to choose from.

In Idaho, state officials tout two new carriers offering health policies this year and a record number of plans available through Your Health Idaho.

Courtesy of Northwest Public Broadcasting

Companies in Washington are warning their employees about a new state tax that will be taken from their paychecks beginning the first of next year. That tax will raise money for a new government long-term care plan called WA Cares.
Beginning in 2025, the plan will pay benefits to enrollees who need help with non-hospital-based health care expenses.

Some Covid Costs Still Waived In WA, Others Shared

Aug 11, 2021
Doug Nadvornick/SPR

This week Washington Insurance Commissioner Mike Kreidler extended two emergency orders that protect consumers from some of the costs of diagnosing the coronavirus. At the same time, he says insurance companies are looking to share Covid-related costs in other ways.

Washington Health Benefit Exchange

The signup period has begun for Washington health plans.

If you are already signed up to a specific plan, you will be automatically renewed, but it is a good idea to check out the benefits and costs of the new version.

State of Idaho

The state of Idaho has opened its annual enrollment for health insurance plans.

One hundred thousand people signed up last year, and about the same number is expected this year. There are 129 plans available, and four insurance carriers in most Idaho counties.

Office of the Insurance Commissioner

A bill that would a stop the practice known as “surprise billing” on medical bills has easily passed the Washington state House of Representatives.

Insurance Commissioner Mike Kreidler crafted the bill that protects consumers from receiving a surprise medical bill for out-of network services.

Wa Health Plan finder

The sign-up period for the Washington Health Benefit Exchange ends Saturday.

While nationwide the enrollments are down compared to recent years, they seem to be right on track in Washington state.

The Kennedy Forum

Former Rhode Island Congressman Patrick Kennedy has left public office but he continues to advocate for the mental health parity law he sponsored 10 years ago..

Kennedy was in Spokane Wednesday night to speak at a community forum on mental health.

Shoppers Can Begin Buying Individual Health Plans

Nov 1, 2017

The open enrollment period for people wanting to buy health insurance began today (Wednesday) around the nation. In most states, those who don’t receive coverage through their employers will have until December 15 to buy insurance. That includes Idaho. Washington residents will have an extra month, although if they want their coverage to begin at the first of the year, they’ll need to purchase policies by December 15.