Idaho Department of Health and Welfare

Courtesy of Kootenai Health

North Idaho is now in a "crisis standard of care"  and state health officials warn that the rest of the state soon could be as well, if more people don’t get vaccinated.

Idaho Moves To Covid Phase 4

May 11, 2021
Courtesy of State of Idaho

Idaho is moving to the next phase in its coronavirus reopening plan.

The Department of Health and Welfare says the state will move to Stage 4.

Courtesy of State of Idaho

Idaho public health officials say they’re nearing the point where the supply of Covid vaccine will be greater than the demand.

“We are concerned that we are already seeing a sharp drop off in vaccine uptake," said Idaho state epidemiologist Christine Hahn.

Tidbits About Idaho's Covid "Breakthrough" Cases

Apr 20, 2021
Courtesy of State of Idaho

Idaho health officials are learning more about the people who have contracted Covid after being vaccinated for the virus.

Kathryn Turner says the state of Idaho has documented 166 so-called ‘breakthrough’ cases. Turner is the deputy state epidemologist in the state Division of Public Health.

Washington State Department of Health

Several government and private providers in the Northwest have paused use of the Johnson and Johnson vaccine effective immediately after six women who had received the vaccine developed blood clots.

According to a Washington state Department of Health news release, the vaccine will be on hold until the state receives recommendations from the FDA and CDC.

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The Covid vaccine will soon be available to anyone 16 and older in Washington and Idaho. But what happens if a 16- or 17-year-old wants to be inoculated, yet his or her parents say no?

Courtesy of State of Idaho

Washington and Idaho health officials say each state has recorded about 100 cases of people who contracted Covid after receiving a vaccine. Those are called “breakthrough” cases.

In Washington, the number is 102. In Idaho, it’s 97.

State of Idaho

Idaho officials say the days of time-consuming searches for Covid vaccines in the Gem State are over.

“What we’ve done is created one spot where people can go and they can enter their information and say, 'I’m interested in being vaccinated,'" said Idaho Department of Health and Welfare Director Dave Jeppesen.

Idaho Announces Need For More Testing, Contact Tracing

May 22, 2020
Idaho Public Television


An Idaho task force says the state needs to continue to increase its capacity for testing more people for the coronavirus.

The task force released its recommendations today [Friday].

Idaho Department of Health and Welfare

The federal government has granted Idaho a waiver that will cover most of the costs of caring for Medicaid patients who receive mental health treatment.

State Medicaid administrator Matt Wimmer says that will benefit people who are in the state’s inpatient mental hospitals and in private psychiatric facilities.