Courtesy of Reclaim Idaho

A federal appeals court has ruled an Idaho initiative campaign can move ahead with collecting online signatures for its school funding measure.

Reclaim Idaho hopes to put its initiative on the November ballot. It would require the state to raise state income taxes for corporations and people who make more than $250,000 a year. The money would be routed to public schools.

Reclaim Idaho

Organizers of an Idaho initiative that would increase spending for public schools have permission to resume gathering signatures.

On Tuesday federal Judge Lynn Winmill in Boise ruled Reclaim Idaho has 48 days to get the rest of what it needs to place its measure on the November ballot.

U.S. Justice Department

A federal judge in Boise today [Tuesday] ruled in favor of an initiative campaign that wants to require the state to devote more money to public schools.

Reclaim Idaho

An Idaho group that hopes to put a public school funding initiative on the November ballot is asking a federal judge for extra time to collect signatures.

“What we’re calling for is an extension of the deadline for collecting ballot initiative signatures and also for the permission to collect signatures online," said Reclaim Idaho's Luke Mayville.

Thursday on the Inland Journal, we hear the debate about citizen initiatives in Idaho. Tuesday night in Coeur d’Alene, the group Reclaim Idaho held a town hall meeting to talk about legislative attempts to change the way initiatives qualify for the ballot. Reclaim Idaho was the organization that filed and campaigned for the last successful statewide initiative in the Gem State, Proposition Two, a Medicaid expansion measure that voters approved in 2018.

Idaho House Approves Initiative Reform Bill

Mar 29, 2019
Idaho Public Television

The Idaho state House today [Friday] approved — and sent to the governor — a bill that would make it more difficult to quality citizen initiatives for the ballot. The vote came after more than two hours of debate, during which Democrats worked unsuccessfully to derail the bill.

State of Idaho

Four former Idaho attorneys general have released a letter urging the state House to kill a bill that would increase the signature requirements to place initiatives on a statewide ballot.

They suggest the courts might consider the legislation an unconstitutional infringement on the people’s rights.

Idaho Initiative Bill Held In Committee For Now

Mar 15, 2019
State of Idaho

An Idaho Senate committee has voted to hold a bill that would make it more difficult to put a citizen initiative on a statewide ballot.

The Senate State Affairs Committee took testimony from more than 50 people this morning [Friday] in a continuation of a hearing that began on Monday.

Petition To Ballot To Victory: Washington Initiatives Getting More Expensive

Oct 18, 2018
Northwest News Network

We bring in our Olympia correspondent Austin Jenkins to talk about the amount of money that’s been spent to convince you to vote — or not to vote — for the four initiatives on the ballot in Washington.

Medicaid for Idaho

Supporters of Medicaid expansion in Idaho are gearing up their campaign.

They believe they have submitted the required number of signatures to the state.  

They are now touting a new poll that shows good support for the idea.