Inland Folk

Beginning September 15, Spokane Public Radio will no longer broadcast Inland Folk, Dan Maher’s long-running music program. We are sorry to inform listeners of this change on such short notice. We were surprised when Northwest Public Broadcasting ceased production and distribution of the show.

The annual Fall Folk Festival kicks off Saturday, November 11 with a free concert broadcast live on KPBX.

SPR Music Director Verne Windham and former Nacho Celtic Hour host Carlos Alden will host a diverse group of folk performers at Spokane Community College.

Audience members are welcome to watch and listen anytime between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. in the Lair Auditorium at the college on Mission and Greene.

Back in 1982, a young broadcasting student and musician answered KPBX’s call for volunteer folk music hosts. Dan Maher is still host of Inland Folk 35 years later, but he says the anniversary is just another number. “Thirty-five years is great, but I intend to keep going,” Maher told Tara Roberts of Inland 360.