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A bill that would force Spokane County to negotiate with the city of Spokane on how emergency communications are funded has now passed both chambers of the Washington legislature.

The bill follows a longstanding conflict between Spokane County and the City of Spokane over which government oversees the region’s 9-1-1 dispatch response.

That system is funded through a 2017 sales tax which created an entity called the Spokane Regional Emergency Communications. That group was meant to consolidate all 9-1-1 dispatchers under one agency.

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A bill that would restructure how emergency communication is funded in Spokane County has passed the state House.

The bill is the latest entry into a conflict between Spokane County and the City of Spokane over how the region responds to 911 calls. It was sponsored by Spokane Democrat Marcus Riccelli.

Spokane County’s emergency dispatch services are funded through a 2017 sales tax which created a new organization called Spokane Regional Emergency Communications. That group was designed to consolidate 911 call takers under one agency.

Tom Parker talks with Former Washington Senator Michael Baumgartner and current Washington Representative Marcus Riccelli as part of Spokane Public Radio's new series "I Don't Know What To Believe."

Courtesy of Marcus Riccelli

Marcus Riccelli is a Democratic state representative in Washington’s Third District. He’s challenged by Republican Laura Carder

Doug Nadvornick asks his positions on a variety of issues, including the state’s response to the coronavirus, funding for public health and wildfire prevention and suppression, and police reform.

The state tax incentive for film productions in Washington is set to expire at the end of the month, and it’s uncertain if it will be renewed.

There is concern that if the tax incentive is not renewed it could cost jobs in Spokane, where the Z Nation series is produced. The series airs on the Syfy network and features a post-apocalyptic world, complete with Zombies.

Democratic Representative, Marcus Riccelli has sponsored the bill to extend and expand the tax incentive that has been in effect since 2002:

WA Governor Inslee Busy Signing Bills

Apr 27, 2017

Washington Governor Jay Inslee has been busy this week and last doing an essential function of his job: signing bills into law.

Most of them are targeted and will have a small impact.

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Even though Spokane County voters just rejected a measure that would have expanded the county commission from three to five members, a state lawmaker has proposed a bill that makes another attempt.

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This week Washington’s legislature avoided any government shutdown by passing a state operating budget. They have also approved a transportation revenue package and emergency drought relief funding, among other things. There is still more work to do, but one local lawmaker already says the Spokane area will benefit greatly from the budgeting.

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Washington lawmakers have approved a measure allowing Washington State University to develop a medical school in Spokane. The bill awaits the governor’s signature. Now, WSU-Spokane leaders want lawmakers to consider funding.

Bill Would Change 100 Year Old Med School Law

Jan 21, 2015

Two Spokane lawmakers submitted bill’s Wednesday to change a century old state law regarding medical schools.

Republican Senator Michael Baumgartner and Democratic Representative Marcus Riccelli introduced the bills to help Washington State University create its own medical school. The bills would amend a 1917 state law that allows only University of Washington to operate a medical school, and caps the amount of students at 120.

Riccelli’s measure has 60 co-sponsors from the House, which makes a supermajority.

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This week both Washington State University and University of Washington revealed their next moves in developing a Spokane medical school. A WSU news conference Tuesday followed a UW announcement Monday. The newest proposals drag Gonzaga University and the state legislature into the conversation, and both will hinge on some public support.

Benn Runs Small Campaign Against Rep. Riccelli Again

Oct 21, 2014
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State Representative Marcus Riccelli and local daycare owner Tim Benn have been through this before. Benn is running for district-three state representative, after losing to Riccelli 37-percent to 63-percent in 2012. This race pits true-blue democrat Riccelli, against anti-special interest candidate Benn. It’s a civil race, with neither candidate throwing sharp attacks at the other, but their differences are clear.

Campaign platforms:

Riccelli’s priorities remain the same as when he was first elected.

Washington state public schools are not required to teach about personal finances. So, a committee appointed by the state is taking financial education into its own hands, and made the teachers be the students in Spokane Tuesday. The Washington legislature has funded FEPPP, the Financial Education Public Private Partnership, since 2009. FEPPP Vice Chair Pam Whalley says fewer than 20 percent of teachers in country have financial education training.