WA School Superintendent Challenged By Latino Leader

Oct 12, 2020
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Washington State Superintendent Chris Reykdal faces a challenge from Maia Espinoza as he runs for a second term.

We hear now from the candidates for TVW’s Video Voters Guide series.

Inland Journal, Dec. 21, 2017

Dec 21, 2017

Inland Journal for December 14, 2017

This week on Inland Journal:

    ▪    The Spokane City Council has approved a campaign finance ordinance that will govern campaign contributions in city races. We’ll hear some of the testimony from Monday night’s hearing.
    ▪    The Washington legislature will again be asked to approve more money for schools during its next session. We’ll get a short lesson about school funding from state school superintendent Chris Reykdal.
    ▪    And we’ll hear about efforts to ensure low-income members of Spokane’s Marshallese community can access subsidized health care.

Chris Reykdal Talks About Washington School Financing

Dec 21, 2017
Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction

And now, a short civics lesson about school funding in Washington and what’s next. The light is at the end of the tunnel for Washington legislators as far as public school funding goes and satisfying a mandate from the state Supreme Court to spend more money for schools. State superintendent Chris Reykdal says the court has signed off on the legislature’s remedy. That includes raising the state property tax next year.

As part of this conversation we ask Reykdal: where does all the money Washington spends for schools come from?

During the next two weeks, we’re going to hear plenty in the news about the progress or lack of that Washington’s legislative leaders are making in writing a new state budget. June 30 is the end of the state’s fiscal year. If there’s no budget, there’s no money and the government will have to cut back to the most basic services.

Most of the state budget goes to K-12 education. And you’ve probably heard reference to something called McCleary. That’s the name of the plaintiff in an education funding lawsuit that went to the state supreme court. We asked the state’s new school superintendent, Chris Reykdal, to tell us what he thinks parents and taxpayers think McCleary really means.