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Monoclonal antibodies have become a more common remedy for those who have tested positive for Covid and who could become vulnerable to some of its more severe symptoms. But where you can receive that treatment has been limited to hospitals and doctors' offices.

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Many eastern Washington hospitals are being strained by having to care for Covid patients. 

It's not quite as dire as the situation facing north Idaho hospitals, which are rationing resources.

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Spokane area health providers are trying to steer their patients to online and virtual modes of care when possible.

“We have announced to our staff and our patients today that, by Wednesday, in two days, we will be all virtual first," said Dr. David Ward, the acting medical director for Kaiser Permanente in Spokane.

Providence Sacred Heart

Two American citizens with the novel coronavirus were transferred to Spokane’s Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center this morning [THURSDAY], and two more were expected in the afternoon.

The patients’ identities are unknown, as is the severity of infection.