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Today on the Inland Journal podcast, we focus on a ballot measure submitted by the Spokane County Library District for the August 6 primary election. The district wants to adjust the level of the property tax levy that provides most of its funding. The district operates 11 libraries outside of the cities of Spokane and Liberty Lake, including two in Spokane Valley, and one each in Airway Heights, Cheney, Medical Lake and Deer Park.

Patrick Roewe is the district’s executive director.

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The August primary election in Spokane County is focused mostly on local government elected officials. But there’s also a measure on the ballot important to the future of libraries in the county.

Most of the funding for the Spokane County Library District, which operates 11 branches, comes from local property taxes, says the district’s executive director, Patrick Roewe.

Spokane County

The so-called ‘McCleary fix’ is now becoming real for Spokane County taxpayers.

Last year, the Washington legislature shifted some of the property owners’ tax burden from the local to state level as part of a revised plan to increase funding for public schools. That is showing up on the property tax bills mailed this week by the county assessor’s office.



A bill before Washington lawmakers would create a permanent property tax exemption for spouses of first responders or military members killed in the line of duty.

The bill, SB 5049, received a hearing Wednesday in the Senate State Government Committee.

Spokane Voters To Decide Fire/Police Tax Ballot Measure

Dec 11, 2018
Meg Maclean

Voters in the city of Spokane will be asked next year to approve a property tax increase to pay for more police officers, firefighters and crime prevention programs.

The city council voted Monday night to put the measure to a special election on February 13.

WA House Committee Hears Proposal For A Capital Gains Tax

Feb 16, 2018
Washington legislature

A Washington House committee yesterday (Friday) held a first hearing on a proposal to adopt a capital gains tax.

Washingtonians Asked for Advisory Votes on Taxes

Oct 19, 2017

This year, the Washington legislature approved increases, or adjustments, in several state taxes. Three measures on the statewide ballot in November are asking whether you approve of those changes. Those are Advisory Votes 16, 17 and 18.

According to the Secretary of State’s website, advisory votes were authorized by voters in 2007 when they approved Initiative 960. The votes are non-binding and won’t change anything, but they give people the chance to express their opinions on tax increases.

Inland Journal, August 17, 2017

Aug 17, 2017

Inland Journal for August 17, 2017

This week on Inland Journal:
    ▪    Spokane County decides to pull its November ballot measure that would have asked voters for an increase in property taxes beyond what the state allows without a public vote.
    ▪    Spokane’s Central Valley School District has several new or renovated schools that will open this fall to students. We’ll visit one of them and talk about what kind of effect they will have on the district.
    ▪    The massive cleanup of mining waste continues in north Idaho. We’ll talk about the challenge of cleaning up waste that has been moved out of the Silver Valley toward the Spokane-Coeur d’Alene area.
    ▪    A large number of volunteers who will be giving their time to help with science experiments related to next Monday’s solar eclipse.
    ▪    Steve Jackson will have a report about the replica of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial that will come to the Spokane area next week in conjunction with the new PBS series about the Vietnam War.

Spokane County Cancels November Ballot Measure

Aug 17, 2017
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This week the Spokane County Commissioners announced they’re taking a measure off of the November ballot. That would have asked taxpayers for permission to raise county property taxes by more than one percent next year. State law allows counties to increase property taxes up to one percent without a vote of the people; anything more must be approved at the polls.

Commissioner Al French says the board acted in response to the legislature’s decision to increase state property taxes to raise significantly more money for public schools and satisfy a state Supreme Court ruling.

Spokane County Pulls Property Tax Measure from Ballot

Aug 15, 2017
Doug Nadvornick/SPR

The Spokane County Commissioners announced today (Tuesday) they’re taking a property tax ballot measure off of the November ballot. The resolution would have asked taxpayers for permission to raise county property taxes by the more than 1% allowed by the state. The decision was made because the legislature has decided on its own property tax increase.