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The Idaho Supreme Court has ruled a new law that makes it more difficult to place citizen initiatives on the ballot is unconstitutional.

The law approved by the legislature this year requires initiative sponsors to gather signatures from at least 6% of the registered voters in each of Idaho’s 35 legislative districts.

ID Supreme Court Hears Challenge To New Initiative Law

Jun 29, 2021
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The Idaho Supreme Court today [Tuesday] heard a challenge to the state’s tough new initiative signature law. It requires sponsors of ballot measures to collect signatures from every corner of the state. The sponsors say that makes it nearly impossible to qualify a measure for a vote.

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A bill that would toughen the signature requirements for initiatives in Idaho has gone to Governor Brad Little’s desk. He has until Saturday to sign it.

This year’s bill would require signatures from six-percent of registered voters in all 35 legislative districts in order to quality a measure for the ballot.

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The founder of Idaho’s successful Medicaid expansion initiative yesterday [Wednesday] filed another ballot measure — about initiatives.

Luke Mayville, who co-founded the group Reclaim Idaho, acted on the same day that the state House voted 51-18 for a bill that would toughen initiative signature gathering requirements.

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The Idaho House Wednesday approved a bill that could make it more challenging to get a state-wide initiative on the ballot.

The bill requires that sponsors collect signatures from at least 6% of registered voters in each of the state’s 35 legislative districts. The current standard is 6% in 18 districts.

State of Idaho

Opponents of a bill to make it more difficult to put citizen initiatives on an Idaho state ballot are appealing directly to the governor.

On Friday, a state Senate committee approved a proposal by Kootenai County Republican Senator Steve Vick. His bill would require initiative sponsors to collect signatures from at least six percent of registered voters in all 35 legislative districts.

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Idaho Governor Brad Little says he’s directing $99 million from what’s left of the state’s federal coronavirus relief money to public schools.

In an announcement in Boise today [Friday] the governor said the federal government notified Idaho last week that it’s allowing more flexibility in how states use CARES Act money for schools.

Little says the money will offset nearly a hundred million dollars in spending cuts he’d ordered earlier this year.

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A federal appeals court has ruled an Idaho initiative campaign can move ahead with collecting online signatures for its school funding measure.

Reclaim Idaho hopes to put its initiative on the November ballot. It would require the state to raise state income taxes for corporations and people who make more than $250,000 a year. The money would be routed to public schools.

Reclaim Idaho

Organizers of an Idaho initiative that would increase spending for public schools have permission to resume gathering signatures.

On Tuesday federal Judge Lynn Winmill in Boise ruled Reclaim Idaho has 48 days to get the rest of what it needs to place its measure on the November ballot.

U.S. Justice Department

An Idaho group that has sponsored a public school funding initiative is asking the state to immediately certify the measure for the November ballot.

Attorneys for Reclaim Idaho filed that motion today [Monday] with a federal judge in Boise not long after the judge ruled against a motion by the state.

Idaho Initiative Debate Plays Out In Federal Court

Jun 28, 2020
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The state of Idaho is asking a federal court judge to reconsider a ruling he made last Tuesday. It’s related to an initiative campaign that was suspended in March due to the coronavirus. Its sponsors want time this summer to gather more signatures and qualify its school funding measure for the November ballot.

U.S. Justice Department

A federal judge in Boise today [Tuesday] ruled in favor of an initiative campaign that wants to require the state to devote more money to public schools.

Reclaim Idaho

An Idaho group that hopes to put a public school funding initiative on the November ballot is asking a federal judge for extra time to collect signatures.

“What we’re calling for is an extension of the deadline for collecting ballot initiative signatures and also for the permission to collect signatures online," said Reclaim Idaho's Luke Mayville.

Idaho Department of Health and Welfare

The federal government has granted Idaho a waiver that will cover most of the costs of caring for Medicaid patients who receive mental health treatment.

State Medicaid administrator Matt Wimmer says that will benefit people who are in the state’s inpatient mental hospitals and in private psychiatric facilities.

Idaho Department of Health and Welfare

The Medicaid program in Idaho will officially expand at the start of 2020. Voters last year approved an initiative that mandates that. State officials say almost half of Idahoans who are eligible (more than 43,000 out of 91,000) have signed up for coverage since the beginning of the registration period on November 1.

The state continues to negotiate with the federal government on a handful of waivers that would allow Idaho to deviate from Medicaid rules.

Thursday on the Inland Journal, we hear the debate about citizen initiatives in Idaho. Tuesday night in Coeur d’Alene, the group Reclaim Idaho held a town hall meeting to talk about legislative attempts to change the way initiatives qualify for the ballot. Reclaim Idaho was the organization that filed and campaigned for the last successful statewide initiative in the Gem State, Proposition Two, a Medicaid expansion measure that voters approved in 2018.

Reclaim Idaho

The group that sponsored Idaho’s successful Medicaid expansion initiative last year is now working on a new project. Reclaim Idaho is trying to preserve the rights of citizen groups to propose initiatives and collect signatures to put them on the ballot.

The group is holding a town hall meeting Tuesday night in Coeur d’Alene.

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Idaho voters may also see an initiative on the ballot, one that would require the state to expand the Medicaid program to provide subsidized health care to thousands of low-income residents.

This week, sponsors of the initiative campaign turned in the last of their signatures. They need 56,000+ to get it on the ballot.

Reclaim Idaho

A plan is underway in Idaho to increase the number of people with healthcare by passing two waivers in the legislature to modify requirements under the Affordable Care Act and Medicare. But there is also a push to get lawmakers in the state to expand Medicaid.

Reclaim Idaho Seeks to Rebuild Middle Class

Aug 3, 2017

While Tuesday’s primary in Washington was mostly for local candidates and races, the group Reclaim Idaho has its eye on statewide politics. Reclaim Idaho is a group co-founded by Sandpoint native Luke Mayville. He says the organization’s focus is on electing representatives and senators who are interested in rebuilding the state’s middle class. It’s focused on three issues: strong public schools, protecting public lands and health care for working families.

Inland Journal, August 3, 2017

Aug 3, 2017

Inland Journal for August 3, 2017

    ▪    We’ll recap Tuesday’s primary election in Washington. We’ll talk about which candidates will move on to the November general election and hear from some of the victors.
    ▪    We’ll talk with Luke Mayville, one of the founders of Reclaim Idaho, a group that wants to rebuild the middle class in the Gem State, including making health care more available for affordable for working families.
    ▪    And we’ll profile a new group that calls itself ‘Growing Neighbors’ in Spokane that’s promoting urban gardening and neighbors getting to know each other.