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Courtesy of Post Falls School District

Two north Idaho school districts are taking a second run at school levies that failed in March. The measures will appear on the Tuesday ballot.

ID School Levies: Lower Winning Margins, Larger Turnout

Mar 10, 2021
Courtesy of Coeur d'Alene School District

There are a few similarities when you review school levy results from Spokane and Kootenai counties during the last two months. While most of the levies were approved, the winning margins have been smaller than in past years.

We talked with representatives of two north Idaho districts that had successful measures on Tuesday.

Courtesy of Nine Mile Falls School District

The head of Spokane’s Nine Mile Falls School District is breathing easier. It appears his district’s maintenance and operations levy will be approved by a slim margin.

It’s the tightest race of more than a dozen levies on Spokane County’s February 9 special election ballot. On Election Night, victory was in doubt.

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Voters in Spokane resoundingly voted yes for a $65 million levy Tuesday.

About 64% voted in favor of the measure in an election where more than a third of registered voters in Spokane County participated.

Fourteen school districts had levies on the special election ballot Tuesday and every measure appears to be passing.

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Spokane business leaders are making a last minute push to convince voters to cast ballots for school levies on the February 9 ballot.

Thirteen Spokane County school districts have submitted measures for maintenance and operations levies. Four also have levies that would pay for capital projects.

Mead Schools Put Levy Request Before Voters

Jan 25, 2021
Courtesy of Mead School District

The Mead School District is one of 14 districts in Spokane County asking patrons to renew its regular maintenance-and-operations levy in February.

The district was one of the first in the county to send students back to the classroom in the Covid era.

Central Valley Schools Ask Voters To Approve Levy

Jan 19, 2021
Courtesy of Central Valley levy committee

Spokane’s Central Valley School District is one of 14 local districts that are asking voters for tax money on the February 9 ballot. The district’s three-year proposal would replace CV’s existing levy.

The last few years have been turbulent for school districts in Washington. They’ve had to adapt to fundamental changes in the way the state funds public schools. Then came the Covid pandemic.

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This week, the Spokane School District is hosting three open houses to explain the district’s financial situation to parents and teachers. The next one is tonight [Wednesday] from 5 to 7 pm at Rogers High School.

Administrators are talking about why the district faces a more than $20 million budget deficit and the steps they’re taking to eliminate it.

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Spokane area school officials say they’re still digesting school funding changes adopted by the Washington legislature during its recently-finished session. They’re not sure yet whether or how those changes will affect the need to make spending cuts for the upcoming school year. 


Wednesday on the Inland Journal podcast, the debate about school levies in Washington. Last year, legislators shifted much of the tax burden for funding basic education from local property taxes to the state and limited how much local money school districts could raise. Now, school administrators are asking to ease the restrictions on local levy money. We’ll hear some of the arguments and talk with Spokane Superintendent Shelley Redinger. We'll also hear about how a Coeur d'Alene High School student's app is helping people who have trouble reading.

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School administrators in Spokane County can begin moving ahead with their planning now that the initial wave of ballots has been counted in yesterday’s special election. More votes are still to be counted during the next week or so, but all of the issues for the 12 school districts appear to be winning by comfortable margins.

Some administrators are crediting social media for helping with their successful campaigns.

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Tuesday was a good day for Spokane County school districts. All of the levies and both bond issues on the special election ballot are winning after the first ballot count. 

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Ballots are due tomorrow (Tuesday) for the 12 school levies and two bond issues that are on the Spokane County ballot. The districts are making last-minute efforts to get voters to mark their ballots and return them in time to be counted.

Mead Voters Asked To Approve School Levy, Bond Issue

Feb 6, 2018
Doug Nadvornick/SPR

The Mead School District is in the final week of a campaign to convince voters to approve two ballot measures.

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On February 13, a dozen Spokane County school districts will ask their patrons to approve local maintenance and operations levies. Those dollars supplement what districts get from the state. It’s always a nail-biting exercise for administrators because, if voters say no, they’ve got to find a way to run their schools without that extra money.