Sen. Chuck Winder

Courtesy of State of Idaho


Four of Idaho’s top elected officials have sent a letter to President Biden, outlining their concerns about his federal vaccine mandate.

Courtesy of State of Idaho

Idaho legislative leaders expect to finish their 2021 regular session this week. Today [Monday] is the 113th day. It’s one of the longest sessions in Idaho history.

Legislators were working toward adjourning last week until one event took center stage and slowed things down.

Courtesy of State of Idaho

The Idaho Senate has voted to put limits on the governor’s powers during declared emergencies, such as the pandemic.

Legislative leaders came to Boise this session unhappy that the governor has kept Idaho in a state of emergency since the start of the pandemic.

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The Washington and Idaho legislatures are different in many ways. Democrats control both chambers in Olympia. Republicans are in charge in Boise.

But the pandemic has united legislators in the two states in one specific way. They’re each working to increase their authority during emergencies by calling themselves into special sessions. 

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The Idaho legislature is one vote away from sending to the ballot a measure that would add to its powers.

“We’ve been, in my opinion and many others, unjustly restrained by the inability to call ourselves into session to deal with, in this case, emergency powers and the appropriation of public funds. That’s what this is all about," said Senate Majority Leader Chuck Winder.