Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich

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Sheriffs and police chiefs from eastern Washington are warning they’ll have to change their response to crisis when new state policing laws go into effect on Sunday. 

The laws are meant to reduce the number of violent confrontations between police and the public.

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The police reform discussion in Spokane is about to ramp up.

Spokane city officials on Thursday announced they’re ready to begin a community-wide dialogue on policing. They say that will include, at a minimum, the mayor and city council, police leadership and social justice advocates.

Spokane Sheriff's Department

The Spokane County Sheriff’s Department and Spokane chapter of the NAACP have announced their agreement to study racial disparities in arrests in the county.

Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich, Spokane NAACP President Kurtis Robinson and Spokane NAACP Vice President Kiantha Duncan explained the project at a news conference on Wednesday.

Spokane County Sheriff's Department

Spokane County Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich says he’s happy the FBI is conducting a criminal investigation of Washington State Representative Matt Shea.


The sheriff learned about the investigation from a letter sent by the state bar association. It revealed it would forgo its own investigation of Shea until the FBI probe is complete.


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For the second consecutive night, Mayor Nadine Woodward declared a curfew for downtown Spokane.

“We are following a situation in Riverfront Park by the Red Wagon where it has been going on for several hours," Woodward said during a late evening virtual press conference.

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During the last few weeks, Spokane County judges have been reviewing the cases of people who are incarcerated at the county jail and the Geiger Correctional Center. Many of the inmates held on lower-level charges were released on their own recognizance as a way to reduce their exposure in case someone in the jail tests positive for the coronavirus.

Members of the Spokane Smart Justice Coalition, including Carmen Pacheco-Jones, applaud that.

Spokane Regional Domestic Violence Coalition

Today on Inland Journal, advocates who work with domestic violence survivors worry all this time at home may put their clients in danger.

Spokane County has released inmates from its jails to protect them from the coronavirus. We’ll about concerns about that members of the Smart Justice Spokane Coalition

And what’s medical education without in-person examinations? It’s all about Zoom. We’ll hear how the University of Washington medical school has adapted.

Courtesy of Adam Wallace

Today on Inland Journal and the Inland Journal podcast, the states of Washington and Idaho are now both in ‘stay-at-home mode.’ Spokane County officials stay consistent with the “social distancing” message, but not everyone is listening. An employee at Fairchild Air Force Base tries to explain the coronavirus and its ripples in a new book for children. And we’ll hear about life in an Idaho household where Dad has the virus and the rest of the family is trying to avoid it. Those stories and we’ll ask you about your new coronavirus rituals today on Inland Journal, after the news.

Spokane COVID Response

Spokane elected officials are urging residents to obey the rules set out by Governor Jay Inslee and ‘stay at home’ if at all possible.

Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich and others held a press briefing this [Tuesday] morning, in which they presented a unified front in favor of physical distancing strategies to combat the coronavirus.

Spokane County Sheriffs Office

Spokane County Ozzie Knezovich has been invited to speak at a Republican event in southern Idaho on the dangers of right wing extremist groups, a topic he has spoken about in the past.

Knezovich will give a presentation on Saturday at the Idaho Region Seven Republican Day Dinner in Idaho Falls.

“They’re concerned about the white supremacist movement," he said.

Avista Latest Shea Donor To Request Its Money Back

Nov 2, 2018

Avista has become the latest donor to Rep. Matt Shea’s (R-Spokane Valley) campaign to ask for its money back. This is in response to a document named “Biblical Basis for War,” released by Shea.

Mass Shootings Group Hears About Freeman Response

Aug 15, 2018
Freeman School District/MSI Engineers

Washington is not immune to the mass shooting phenomenon that has rolled through the country. The state has created a Mass Shootings Work Group. The committee was formed after the Parkland school shooting in Florida.

The committee met in Spokane Wednesday and one of the items on the agenda was last September’s fatal shooting at Freeman High School.

Spokane County Sheriff Faces Election Challenge

Aug 6, 2018
Scott Maclay

The Spokane County Sheriff’s race featured in tomorrow’s [Tuesday] primary election features three-term incumbent Ozzie Knezovich versus Scott Maclay, a man who has legally changed his name to Dump Ozzie Dot Com.

Ozzie Knezovich: Spokane Sheriff Runs For Fourth Term

Aug 6, 2018
Ozzie Knezovich

Here's our full interview with Ozzie Knezovich.

Scott Maclay

Spokane County Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich is seeking a fourth term. The man running against him is Scott Maclay, a controversial figure who has legally changed his name to Dump Ozzie Dot Com. Maclay is a former realtor in Spokane Valley; he’s now a respiratory therapist and a persistent critic of the sheriff.

Montana Environmental Information Center

***Note: Burlington Northern, B-N-S-F, is an underwriter of Spokane Public Radio programming.***

The prospect of a catastrophic accident is driving the sponsors of Proposition 2. That’s the ballot measure that would fine the owners of railroad cars who ship uncovered loads of coal or certain types of petroleum on rail lines within the city of Spokane. Supporters and opponents generally agree about the need to protect the region from the effects of a destructive rail-related incident. But they disagree about whether this ballot measure is the right way to do it.

As a general rule, budget hearings for government agencies do not make for scintillating news. But this year, the Spokane county commissioners are bringing a little drama to the process.