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Spokane will soon have both men, and women’s professional soccer.

The coalition of businesses, local elected leaders and a professional soccer league that lobbied to have the new Spokane Public Schools outdoor stadium downtown announced that a pre-professional women’s team will be launching in Spokane next year.

Cindy Wendle, the president of United Soccer League Spokane said the women’s team will provide opportunity and role models for younger girls in soccer programs in the community, and is one of the 30 national leagues launching.

Cindy Wendle to Head Spokane United Soccer League

Jun 21, 2021
United Soccer League

Cindy Wendle, a Spokane businesswoman and a former candidate Spokane City Council President, will be the president of the United Soccer League Franchise in Spokane.

The United Soccer League was an advocate for Spokane Public Schools to build its new stadium downtown, and the organization will be the stadium’s first tenant.

Wendle has been heavily involved in Spokane County’s CARES Act program, is a board member of the Northeast Public Development Authority has been involved in local politics when she unsuccessfully ran for Spokane City Council President.

Downtown Spokane Partnership

The United Soccer League, the organization set to become one of the first tenants of the Spokane School District's new downtown stadium, hopes to have a team playing here by spring of 2023.



United Soccer League’s future in Spokane was contingent on a downtown stadium. Now that the stadium has been approved by the school board, USL leaders say they will follow through on that promise.