Spokane Hindu Temple and Cultural Center

Doug Nadvornick/SPR

Today on Inland Journal and the Inland Journal podcast, the Washington Democratic presidential primary is still too close to call. Bernie Sanders led after the first count Tuesday night. Joe Biden holds the lead now. Biden won in Idaho. What’s next for Democrats in those two states as the presidential campaign moves to the next phase? The Idaho legislature voted this week to move the northern half of the state to full-time Daylight Saving Time when Washington and Oregon do. We’ll dig into our archive and talk with a proponent of Daylight Saving Time. We’ll hear about a new survey by the city of Spokane to gauge how people think the city should move forward in adapting to climate change. And we’ll celebrate the Hindu Festival of Colors with the Spokane Hindu community.

Spokane's Hindu Community Celebrates Festival Of Colors

Mar 8, 2020
Doug Nadvornick/SPR

Members of Spokane’s Hindu Temple and Cultural Center shared one of Hinduism’s major celebrations on Sunday at Spokane’s Faith and Values Interfaith Center.

The Festival of Colors has a long religious history, but it has also morphed into something more contemporary.