Spokane Valley

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Voters in cities around Spokane have re-elected several mayors and city council members. But there are places where new elected officials will play prominent roles.

Here’s a rundown.

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Spokane Valley Mayor Ben Wick had a commanding lead to retain his city council seat, according to results released Tuesday evening.

Wick, the leader of the city council's 4-3 moderate majority, led challenger Brandon Fenton 66 to 33 percent. Though both Republicans, Fenton criticized incumbent Wick as "Republican in name only" and promised a brasher political stance, aligning hmself with former president Donald Trump and promising to "Make Spokane Valley Great Again."  

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Since Dolores DeSantis and her husband were moved to the Spokane area by the Air Force a year ago, they’ve tried to buy a house. They were outbid every time.

After a notice from her landlord last week, many rentals feel out of reach as well.

Her rent is going up by 37%.

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Spokane County’s filing week closed with nearly 198 candidates filing for 122 public offices.

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Every Sheriff’s Deputy in Spokane County will soon have a body worn camera, a purchase law enforcement and public officials say will make policing more transparent.

On Tuesday Spokane Valley City Council unanimously voted to divide the cost of purchasing body worn cameras with the county. That vote means the Sheriff’s Office has the funds to equip every deputy with a camera by the end of this year.

“This is a tool that will serve as good insurance for our office, to be able to protect them and highlight the good work that they’re doing.”

Spokane City, County Clash Over Collecting Utility Tax

Mar 16, 2021
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More than eleven years after approving it, the city of Spokane is considering whether to collect a 20% utility tax on the county’s wastewater plant. If it moves ahead, other local governments say they may sue.

According to Spokane city code, the city may collect 20% of the gross income from a wastewater treatment facility.

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A little more than $217 million in federal stimulus will soon be available in the Spokane region, which local leaders say is a gamechanger for economic recovery.

Spokane City Council President Breean Beggs said the city, which is slated to receive about $84 million, could potentially use the funds to make long-term investments to move the entire economy forward.

“This is a historic amount of money,” Beggs said.  

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The city of Spokane Valley is preparing to add more restrictions to its camping code, which bars people from living, or storing their belongings on public property.

The original ordinance is more than a year old, and city officials have never issued a citation or a ticket, said Morgan Koudelka, the senior analyst who manages the city’s homeless policy.

A Rundown Of Non-Spokane City Election Results

Aug 7, 2019

Several Spokane County cities and towns have narrowed the fields in local election races.

In Spokane Valley, two city council incumbents are moving on to the November general election. Brandi Peetz will face Michelle Rasmussen in one race. Arne Woodard will face either Lance Gurel or Al Merkel; Gurel’s about two percentage points ahead right now with ballots still to be counted. Tim Hattenburg and Bo Tucker will face off in a third race.

Fallen Saints Motorcycle Club

Members of a Spokane motorcycle club are upset that police in Spokane Valley interrupted their efforts to collect money for a children’s toy drive last Saturday.

Washington 2017 Primary Election Results

Aug 1, 2017

Spokane city voters have picked the candidates they want on the November ballot.

In the city’s Northwest district, council member Candace Mumm won nearly 54% of the vote and will face Matthew Howes, who claimed 30%,  in November.

In the Northeast district, Kate Burke won the primary with 44%; she’ll face Tim Benn, who finished second with 37%.

In the South district, council member Breean Beggs won nearly 55% of the vote in a four-way race. He’ll face Andy Dunau, who won 24%.