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Courtesy of Marcus Riccelli

Democratic Rep. Marcus Riccelli is running for another term against Republican Laura Carder in Washington’s Third Legislative District. 

Courtesy of Rob Chase

Voters in Washington’s Fourth Legislative District are choosing between two candidates to fill an open seat in the state House of Representatives.

The candidates are Democrat Lance Gurel, who ran unsuccessfully last year for a seat on the Spokane Valley City Council, and Republican Rob Chase. He’s a former two-term Spokane County treasurer who started this election cycle challenging Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers before switching to run for the state House. He was encouraged to run by the departing representative, Matt Shea.

Washington Senate Republicans

Spokane Valley state Senator Mike Padden is running for another term in Washington’s Fourth Legislative District. The Republican is a former District Court. He’s challenged by Democrat John Roskelley, a former Spokane County Commissioner and world-famous mountaineer.

You can hear our entire interviews with Mike Padden and John Roskelley at our website, but we provide shorter bites here as part of our SPR Voters’ Guide series.

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Candidate debates are a traditional way for voters to get to know candidates. Some are formal, others less so. Here is a listing of debates featuring candidates for public office in Washington and Idaho, along with links you can click to watch.

Washington Senate Democrats

Andy Billig is running for a third term as a state senator in Washington’s Third Legislative District. The Democrat from Spokane serves as Senate Majority Leader. He’s challenged by Republican Dave Lucas, who ran two years ago for the state House in the Third District.