State of Idaho

Courtesy of State of Idaho

Idaho state health officials say they’re cautiously optimistic that the state’s latest Covid surge has hit its peak.

Courtesy of Bonner County

The process of reviewing 2020 presidential election results comes to north Idaho on Saturday. Bonner County and Idaho state election workers will do a partial recount of ballots.

The recount was sparked by allegations of voting irregularities by My Pillow founder Mike Lindell.

Tidbits About Idaho's Covid "Breakthrough" Cases

Apr 20, 2021
Courtesy of State of Idaho

Idaho health officials are learning more about the people who have contracted Covid after being vaccinated for the virus.

Kathryn Turner says the state of Idaho has documented 166 so-called ‘breakthrough’ cases. Turner is the deputy state epidemologist in the state Division of Public Health.

Idaho Reaches Transition Point In Covid Vaccination

Jan 14, 2021
Courtesy of State of Idaho

The Covid inoculation effort in Idaho is picking up steam. Right now, it's in a transition point, says state public health administrator Elke Shaw-Tulloch.

“The health care personnel, long-term care facility will continue to go forward as we continue to work through our vaccines. But now it’s time to start opening up to front line essential workers and people age 65 and over,” she said.

Idaho Drops Back To Covid Phase Three

Oct 26, 2020
Idaho Public TV screenshot

Idaho’s governor has announced the Gem State is taking a step back to phase three of its coronavirus protocol.

State Epidemiologist Christine Hahn says the main factor is the surge in the number of hospital cases.

State of Idaho

Idaho Governor Brad Little says, despite the pandemic, his state’s economy is strong and outpacing nearly every state economy in the nation.

Little called reporters together Friday to crow about a variety of economic indicators. He says Idaho has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the nation. Its economists recently issued a strong state revenue report. And, he says, Idaho is on track to have a $530 million surplus during the next legislative session.

Idaho Releases Results From May 18 Primary Election

Jun 2, 2020
State of Idaho

The matchups have been set for Idaho’s November election. Results were announced Tuesday night in the state’s first all-mail primary election.

Republican U.S. Senator Jim Risch will face a challenge to his re-election from former Idaho state legislator Paulette Jordan.