WA Cares

Courtesy of Washington Cares Fund

Washington House Republicans are calling on the legislature to repeal the state’s new long-term care insurance program scheduled to begin next year.
The program will provide benefits to people for things like in-home care.

Courtesy of Washington Cares Fund

Many are attempting to opt out of Washington Cares, the state’s new taxpayer-funded long-term care program that will take effect next year. In January, employees will start having money taken from their checks. They’ll contribute until they stop working.

The state allows them to withdraw from the program if they have private long-term care coverage.

Courtesy of Northwest Public Broadcasting

Companies in Washington are warning their employees about a new state tax that will be taken from their paychecks beginning the first of next year. That tax will raise money for a new government long-term care plan called WA Cares.
Beginning in 2025, the plan will pay benefits to enrollees who need help with non-hospital-based health care expenses.