Washington Redistricting Commission

Courtesy of Washington Redistricting Commission

Washington’s Redistricting Commission has no federal census numbers yet with which to begin drawing political boundaries. But the committee will soon hold a series of public meetings to give people a chance to talk about how they want the commission to proceed when those numbers are available.

One of those forums for people in the state’s Fifth Congressional District will be held Saturday afternoon.

Late Census Numbers Change Redistricting Routine In Idaho

Apr 26, 2021
Courtesy of U.S. Census Bureau

The delay in distributing 2020 census numbers is forcing some states to change the routine of redrawing political boundaries.

The changes seem to be minimal in Washington. The state’s redistricting commission members are appointed and meeting regularly, even though they have no numbers to work with yet.

Idaho is a little behind Washington.

Spokane Voters' Group Teaches People About Redistricting

Feb 14, 2021
Washington Redistricting Commission

Washington’s 2021 Redistricting Commission is preparing to begin its one-every-10-year task. The board will hold public meetings around the state later this spring to help guide its work of redrawing political boundaries.

The League of Women Voters, this week, will hold two public webinars about redistricting and how people can let their voices be heard.